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Last updated 4pm Friday 28 September 2012

September 25 - Final Day

It was time to say goodbye to Jan, Van, Bill and Tyler.  Although David will be seeing Bill again in Bangkok next week.  What a great lunch put on by by Jan and Bill to farewell us! Thanks for all your hospitality.
` P.S Take care of those talking monkeys Tyler and Van :-) Adios Amigos!

Bill did not want David to lose his hat forever so on the way to the airport, we dropped back into Disney to see if it had been found.  We entered the back road passing Disney University....

... down past the monorail maintenance yards.....

... across the back of Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom....

... getting stuck behind to odd Disney bus... there are hundreds of them operating all over the property...

We passed through two lost and founds.  The lady at Fort Wilderness has promised to email with
(1) if they found it, and
(2) that they will have posted it home for David.
We await notification at time of going to press - not looking good at this stage :(

Bill dropped us off at the airport.  Farewell to David and Denise as they start their journey home.

Inside Orlando International Airport (Delta terminal) Plenty of time to relax.

Here's our plane to take us to Los Angeles.  It was a bit late due to a hold up 'VIP event' at the point of origin in New York. Delta apologised profusely for the delay.

Farewell Orlando - We were on our way as the sun sets on our vacation.

View looking back at Orlando after take off

.. and the view arriving at Los Angeles airport after just over five hours later.

We boarded our Virgin Australia jet to take us home just before midnight and landed 15.5 hours later in Melbourne.  BTW - David scored an isle seat (Row 32C) and Den scored the back (Row 56)  - Sitting apart was not such a bad thing.  Everyone needs their own space now and then.  :-)

September 27 - Home!

As we arrive home, Denise is reunited with moon..... awwwwwwwww!

And thus ends another Kuchmar vacation - USA and Canada 2012. 

We hope you have enjoyed it.  If you would like any travel advice as to the locations or events that we have experienced please do not hesitate to contact us via our web site email.

As the dust settles I am sure we will start to plan for our next trip scheduled for 2014.  In the meantime David prepares for his imminent trip to Thailand.  Work takes him to all sorts of exotic locations!
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