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Last updated 11pm Monday 24 September 2012

September 24 - More of Orlando

Out and about this afternoon at Winter Gardens a very cute little town full of history.   Here is a piece of it below.  David, Van and Tyler outside the museum.

A few favorite pictures taken inside the museum.  Who remembers these?  I have used all of them in the past.  LOL

Some more nostalgia.  The local picture theatre.  We never saw the ticket boxes like that in Melbourne... only in US movies from the 50's

Another train museum a couple of streets away.

Some further favorites pictured below - some of the crockery that was used on the Union Pacific - Now all we seem to get it plastic knives and forks!

Going solo up the track?  Try this out.

Main Street -- Winter Gardens.  The train used to run straight down the middle of this street many moons ago.

Off the beaten track on the way home.   Some swamp land.

But dinner was at the Golden Corral .... ahhhh all you can eat salad, meat, vegetables, dessert, soup, pizza and pasta... ahhhh our kind of restaurant!

Welcome home says the cute bunny who is really only seeing if we will feed him.  All I could think of was that he would make great alligator food!!!!!!!  Oh dear!!!!!! 
Bill saw a 5 foot alligator swimming in the river on the way home.

Tomorrow is our last day in Orlando as we wind down.  It will be homeward bound tomorrow afternoon. 
It has been a wonderful holiday but it is not quite over yet. We have approximately 26 hours or so before we are actually home.   I hope our baggage makes it back to Melbourne ok.  (those of you who have read about our early adventures will understand my comment)
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