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Last updated 8pm Saturday 22 September 2012

September 21 - Disney World Day 5

Out and about exploring more Disney World features
Pictured below at the beginning of our day from a distance The Tower of Terror

The Sorcerer's Apprentice just outside of Disney's Hollywood Studios

We were on a boat cruise to The Boardwalk. Just one more bridge to go and we are there.

The Panorama of The Boardwalk.  A nice area for shopping and evening fun.  It was pretty quiet this morning and we got some shopping in before returning to Colonado Springs for a bit of a breather.


The buses and ferries work a little too slow for us and we didn't get in as much of a breather back at Colonado Springs as we would have liked.  It was gung ho again and try and get in a couple more Space Mountain rides in at the Magic Kingdom before we would meet up with friends at Pioneer Hall for the Hoop Dee Doo dinner and show.

Pictured below we say farewell to The Magic Kingdom

The monorail moves overhead as we travel the canals and lakes to get to The Camp Grounds and Pioneer Hall.

Hoop Dee Doo - here we are.  Memories of the play I recently directed (Footloose) - yes they had a scene that required this setting.

Hoop Dee Doo - Ya hoo man!!!!! Singing, dancing, improvisation, audience participation, comedy, and food delivered in great quantities in heavy steal pots and plates that made the table shake when the waiters plonked them down in front of you. It was a share all eat as much as you can event.  WOW. 

Bill and Jan our gracious hosts for the next three days.

The food - Corn bread (We LOVE cornbread) Salad, then came a pot of chicken wings, a pot of pork ribs, mashed potato and corn, and it just kept coming for as long as you could eat it.

Drinks were plentiful - notice the classy glasses.  Peanut butter or jam jars in their previous life.  What a great idea.

Part of the show below.  They were introducing desert at this time.  The waiters are lined up behind the cast and do a little dance before delivering to each table the yummiest strawberry shortcake everrrrrrrrr :-)

Here we are - More salad anyone?

No thanks - Strawberry shortcake is more to our liking.

With the Hoop Dee Doo Review behind us as a very very fond memory that we will share with you all over and over again over the years I am sure.  Pictured below is the foyer of the Wilderness Lodge.  It was just up river from the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds where the Hoop Dee Doo Review was staged.  This lodge was featured on an Aussie show called "Getaway" not too long ago.  I remember thinking that this would be a great place to stay.  It is full of Native American artifacts and the ambiance is fabulous.  However we are only passing through on this occasion. 

Lighting fixtures in the Foyer that resemble a Tee Pee

What a great way to end our last day at Disney.  Good friends, good food, fabulous entertainment and awesome surroundings.

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