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Last updated 8am Wednesday 19 September 2012

September 18 - Disney World Day 2 - Epcot

it was a bit of a late start this morning due to the fact that David had to get to a dentist for some emergency assistance.   The result - he has to have a root canal - immediately.  So he is booked in for Saturday and it looks like we will have a fairly restful weekend.  Root canal or no root canal that was not going to stop us from enjoying Epcot today and although we got there late morning we still ended up seeing and doing everything we wanted to and some things twice.

Our first view of Epcot as we entered (Space ship Earth) We saved this ride for a bit later.

Indoors at The Land attractions.  We started the day with Living with the land (a journey through amazing greenhouses and a fish farm - a look at how we will farm and sustain the populations into the future.  This was closely followed by The Circle of Life - A short film featuring characters from The Lion King. 

Pictured below is the food court of 'The Land'

Traveling through the greenhouses

Onto 'Imagination' and two shows - Journey into imagination with Figment and Captain EO, both 3D experiences.  Figment was all about engaging all the senses so we got smells, sprays and 3 D images hurtling at us.  Captain EO was a sci fi with Michael Jackson as the hero, Captain EO.

After we raided the Cool Cafe (a great little place for testing all sorts of different flavoured Coca Cola sodas from around the world) a trip to Mars was in order.

This was as close to a rocket launch we will ever get to.  An intense, exhilarating, thrusting and twirling ride with a taste of weightlessness that did your head in as we hurtle through space to land at the North polar cap of Mars. Had to do that a second time.  There was another version that was not quite as intense.  The intense one had to win for thrill.  Be warned, if you get a bit claustrophobic in small dark places and suffer motion sickness from spinning then you will not like this ride.  (David adds.... but I did it anyway - nothing like having your face come out the back of your head).  Pictured below is the entrance to Mission Space.

WOWZAS this is not looking good.  Look at those clouds.  Lucking the rides are indoors because it absolutely bucketed down and that thunder and lightning was severe.
We fixed that up though.  We purchased a Disney umbrella... and that guaranteed us that the rain would stop.  And it did for the rest of the day!

We ducked back for David's favourite ride in the park - Soarin'.  (Actually Test Track was the best ride in the park - but it was closed till late November.)  Soarin' enabled the rider to glide through an IMAX experience through California.  It was as though you were an eagle.  A cool experience!

Pictured below is the building that houses the University of Energy.  

Pictured below are some of the attractions of the World Showcase.  This was Italy

Donald Duck in Mexico

Mexico ride - a short boat ride through the sites of ancient Mexico

Pictured below - "Maelstrom" the Norway ride - another boat ride that took you through the sites of ancient Norway.  It reverses half way through and you travel backwards in time!  I get the feeling Epcot are a bit stuck on boat rides!

Heading into the Viking (Norway Boat ride)  - The garden is on the roof.

China - This did not include a boat ride but it did include a 360 degree panorama of China and all it's attractions.  This was a stand up attraction. 

Pictured below - the 'before ride' entertainment.  It was a small museum that housed ...well you can see for yourself....

Germany (below) featured bear and lots of stores

Of course there were many more 'worlds' to showcase such as the American Adventure (it had a multimedia show), Japan (it only featured shops), Morocco, once again interesting shops, France, United Kingdom and Canada none of which had rides just shops.  The movie about Canada was about the only thing we missed all day.

We wanted to hang around to see the fire works at 9pm. Here another view of Spaceship Earth (which we had gone on after lunch)  It is a bit of a time capsule of the earth past and present.

To finish the day - Fireworks.  They were nice.  I would not say spectacular but nice.  18 years ago when we bought the kids it was SPECTACULAR but it has lost something.  The giant earth ball was a great idea but it featured way too much with the colored fountains I was wondering whether or not it was going to be a lazer light water feature show rather than a fire works display.

Let's see what tomorrow brings - less rain we hope.  Bit it doesn't matter.  We now have a dry umbrella!

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