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Last updated 11pm Tuesday 18 September 2012

September 17 - Disneyworld Day 1 - Disney's Animal Kingdom

We made it - Drove to Memphis, plane to Orlando and a great trip out with Jan to The Coronado Springs resort at Disneyworld.

This was fairly late in the day by the time we took this pic.  We were walking to our room.  There wasn't a lot of time to do much this evening so we settled in and had dinner at the resort and fell into bed relatively early. 

Dinner :- )  I think our eyes were bigger than our tummies bug boy it tasted delicious.  A Mexican meal.

Morning came all too soon.  I am not sure we were ready for this but nevertheless we raced off as early as we could to get the resort bus to Animal Kingdom.

The major attraction for us was the Expedition Everest.  Legend of the forbidden mountain.  A high speed roller coaster zipping through the misty unknown (a lot of it dark and a lot of it backwards!!!!)  WOWZAS did it mess with your head.  The experience of weightlessness really got to you.  However not enough to stop us going on it three times in a row.  AWESOME PLUS.  After that adventure the rest of the day was relatively mellow.

The pic below is The Tree Of Life. The tree of life featured some great sculpture work.   Underneath it is the show called "It's tough to be a Bug"  That was a 4D and really great fun.

Pictured below is the Expedition Everest ride.  After that little bit you didn't really see much light after that.

Found this little beauty on the Maharajah Jungle Trek - A Komodo Dragon.   His bite is lethal.  Other delights in this area included giant fruit bats, exotic birds and tigers to name but a few.

Here is one of the fruit bats - absolutely fascinating to watch. There was nothing between you and the bats either.

Now here is an interesting attraction.  The leaf lady.  She looked like a preying mantis when she moved.  She was on stilts and had extension stilts on her arms and once she moved into the greenery behind her she became practically invisible.  Mesmerizing to say the least.

In the park there are three big shows and this was one on them -  'Flights of Wonder' Quite an interactive show with loads of birds swooping above your head.  But not this one pictured below.  Isn't he majestic?
It has now been formally declared that the American Bald Headed Eagle is no longer on the endangered species listing.

The owl below might spook you in the night should you run into it.  Owls are known for being able to fly silently.

A touch of colour for the audience. 

Our next ride was the Kilimanjaro Safari.  An open safari vehicle took us on an exciting expedition through the African style savanna.  We saw hippos, crocodiles, elephants and a baby elephant , rhinos and a baby rhino too. We also saw a lion and a cheetah and loads of interesting birds, zebra and heaps of giraffes.  Pictured below is one that found us curious.

No need to label this pic.

baby follows cautiously behind....

Here is our family of rhinos

An interesting view of a hippo swimming.  Don't get too close they are more ferocious than tigers and lions put together.

I felt a bit like this as well.  A gorilla!  Check the ear our similar to human ears.  His toenails also.  A truely captivating site.  He was unmoved of course and enjoying his afternoon siesta.

Look out..... it's a bird.... it's a plane..... no ...... it's   .... errr ...... Nessy?????  No of course it isn't it is Dino from Dino Land.  :-)  He had just been fed so he was pretty happy with himself.

And something you would never expect at Camp Minni-Mickey -  The Festival of the Lion King.  This show was the best way to finish of the day.  25 - 30 minutes of high impact dancing, singing, acrobatic and puppetry.  A show inspired by The Lion King.  The elephant and the giraffe in the back ground are puppets.
There was a life size lion as well to our right but is not in the view of this particular picture.  The performers in this pic are supposed to be mischievous monkeys.

That wraps up our day at Animal Kingdom.  A very tired David and Denise limp back to their resort to get in shape for tomorrows adventures at Epcot.
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