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Last updated 11pm Sunday 16 September 2012

September 15 - Ridgley TN

Out and about in Ridgley Tenneesee.  Some views along the way.  It is very flat.

The next picture was taken at Reelfoot Lake.  There is a bird enclosure designed for ill eagles and other sick birds of prey.

The board walk at Reelfoot Lake.  Be careful of the water snakes.  Oh and someone told me sometimes snakes can drop out of the trees as well  .....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  Fortunately we didn't see any snakes but we did see some great looking birds, a couple of badgers and a turtle.

Pictured below a panorama of Reelfoot lake.  It was a relatively cool and peaceful day with a little drizzle.

Not far from Reelfoot is a great little restaurant.  We had catfish for dinner.  Dinner was HUGE.  Here is Bob and Jeanne our hosts with the most :-)  after dinner.

On the way back to Bob and Jeanne's we took a detour to the original home of Carl Perkins. Significant to John and Pam if they happen to be browsing the site :-)  He was a country and western rock and roll singer.

Then it was back Bob and Jeanne's.  Jeanne and I still had heaps to talk about and Jeanne was teaching me how to bead.  David and Bob went to sleep watching TV.

September 16 - Ridgley TN to Memphis to Orlando

The morning had come too soon and it was an early start for us because we had to be in Memphis by 11am for a flight to Orlando.

Farewells are always hard.  Hopefully we will not make it 10 years before we see each other again.
Saying goodbye to Teme was the hardest of all because she is quite old and chances are I will not see her again.  I was very sad all day about that. However David put a stop to that by telling me to use skype video calls and that will fix that.  You know.... I think he has something there.

Our travels today took us through a little bit of Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Pictured above is a quick pick of the Graceland Gates.  It was on the way.  We had already visited here in years gone by so there was only time to take a pic of the front of the past home of Elvis Presley.

The flight to Orlando was quicker than I thought it would be.  We actually arrived 26 mins early.  The picture above is Orlando and the picture below is our room at Disney World.

Many thanks to Jan who picked us up at the airport and drove us to Disney World.  David had checked his iphone as the plane landed and low and behold there was a message from Jan saying that she was dropping her hubby (Bill) off at Orlando airport.  So it was great that we all were able to catch up in transition. Bill was heading off to Mexico for work and it couldn't have been better timing and coincidence that we were all there together at the same time.  Jan offered to drive us to Disney World and even though we did have a shuttle that could take us there we jumped at the chance to spend more time with Jan and family.  Thanks heaps again Jan for the lift.  We are looking forward to seeing you again on Friday.

Once we got to Disney World is was pretty late in the day so not a lot of time to do anything except get settled in, have dinner and a wander about the resort we are staying in (Coranado Springs).

Tomorrow we hit Animal Kingdom for the day.
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