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Last updated 7am Thursday 13 September 2012

September 11 - New York Day 3

9/11 being remembered all over the country including the Brooklyn Bridge.

We had just started out for the day.  The aim - to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  The parade below was a pretty impressive sight.

As we cross the line from Brooklyn 

Panorama shot of the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn in the back ground.

It was a spectacular day weather wise and we had a wonderful view of the Statue of Liberty from the bridge.  Yes, it is that tiny.

Manhattan views from the from half way across the bridge

View of the 'Freedom Tower' (below left) on the site of the previous World Trade Centre.  There are still a few more floors to finish.  It will be 104 stories when finished.

Towards the end of the walk. Denise enjoying a bit of a rest in the shade.

Views of housing estates from the bridge. 

With the Brooklyn Bridge walk behind us David felt it was time for a bit of "Law and Order"  He is standing on the steps where all the "outside the court" scenes from "Law and Order" were filmed.

Have you ever seen one of these.  It was on the Supreme Court building wall.

Not too far afield from the Law Courts was China Town (pictured below).  Quite a difference and only a few hundred metres apart.

We had a lovely walk through China Town.  Then it was back on the Subway to Times Square so as we could grab some tickets at half tix for the musical 'Nice work if you can get it'.  We were in luck too.  Got hold of some great seats at a good price.  (theatre below)

Another great day in New York and our final day because tomorrow we are off to St Louis.

Farewell New York, you have been good to us.

September 12 - New York to St Louis

An early afternoon flight takes us to St Louis.  Pictured below are a mix of interesting sites that we will explore more of tomorrow.  A few of these pictures are taken from the executive lounge of the Hilton (22nd story).

St Louis city skyline from 22nd floor

St Louis city skyline (below) taken from ground level

Do you think they did this formation on purpose?

As you can see the streets are pretty quiet in St Louis.  It is late afternoon. 

We aim to go up the arch tomorrow.  There is a (tram), lift or whatever you like to call it that goes up to the top and you can view from the top of the arch.  I don't know exactly how that is going to work.  From the ground you can see little windows at the top.  I am not sure how much room is up there but someone has told us that it gets pretty narrow (like the statue of Liberty) For those who have been into the crown of the Statue of Liberty the stair case towards the end gets extremely narrow and you can only move through the crown in single file as I recall.

(on a side note, in the news today, the US is finally going to reopen trips inside the statue of liberty shortly.  it has been closed for the last 11 years)

That's all for today folks.  More exploration tomorrow coming your way :-)
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