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Last updated 8am Sunday 9 September 2012

September 7 - Portland Maine to Lawrence Massachusetts

One of the lovely old streets in Portland two blocks up from the wharves.  Some were cobble stoned, this one wasn't.  There were plenty of lovely old buildings in this area to admire.

Pictured below is Portland's oldest Mansion - Victoria Mansion.  The tour through it is well worth doing.  It goes for an hour and every room is full of interesting surprises.

Something unique for chocolate lovers.  The Chocolate Moose factory.  The next photo tells you a little bit about these statues made entirely of chocolate.  The bears on both sides of the mouse are also chocolate and so is the pond the moose is standing in.

Some facts

1997!  You may be thinking, boy that is old chocolate.  I did.  It has a glaze over the top of it to prevent it from rotting.

Onward bound.  An interesting bridge between Maine and New Hampshire on the way south.

And here is the proof - the state line into New Hampshire.  Right in the middle of the bridge.  We have seen that a lot.

We didn't have far to travel today. Only 80 miles but the Massachusetts welcome sign sure was a great site only 14 miles further south - because this means we are not too far from Boston and Boston means train and train means NY NY here we come.

Some views of the town of Lawrence as we drove around. 

Suburban streets in Lawrence.  Our hotel was not very far from here.

Dinner at the Boston Market.  A McDonalds like set up - but homestyle meals.  Chicken pot pie and meat loaf with sides for us.

An thus ends the days touring.  See you on the train to New York!  :-)

September 8 - Lawrence Massachusetts to Boston to New York by train

Farewell to the little town of Lawrence.  It was time to journey back from whence we started - Boston in this case.  We had just enough time to have a leisurely walk around the Boston Botanical Gardens before dropping the car back to Hertz.

David outside 'Cheers'.  I think most people will remember the TV series, Cheers.  This was only across the road from the Botanical Gardens.  David could hardly resist.

More of Boston Botanical Gardens

A short walk to the station and then it was off to New York.

The train was fast.  It went 150 kph.  (We clocked it at 94 miles per hour in some places - aren't I-Phones wonderful for telling us the speed we are moving in a train!)

The following photos are some quick grabs of sites along the way through the window of the train.

The train travelled right along the shore line in many places in Rhode Island and Connecticut. So literally, this was on the bay.

David and Denise enjoying the 4 hour trip

Getting closer to NY now.  This looks a familiar design - and it is not in Sydney!

And here we are at Times Square this evening.  Not only checking out the new times square (as they have blocked it off to all traffic now) We were also checking half tix for what shows were giving discounts.

As far as seeing shows was concerned 'Wicked' was at the top of the wish list.  We went to the theatre to see what might be available.  As luck would have it there were great seats available for the night at a reasonable price.  It turned out to be a really fabulous show.  The story line was a little slow moving in the beginning but then it really got into it and was exceptional.  The staging was magnificent and built out over the audience to create a bit of a three D approach. can't say too much or it will spoil the surprise for those who haven't seen it before lets just say if you decided to go and see the show you won't be disappointed.

On the way home, feeling a little peckish, we grabbed a hamburger at this really neat bohemian little hamburger joint nestled in the back of the Meridian Hotel. 
We also booked ourselves on a hop on hop off bus so we can use that to get around town for the next two days and evenings.

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