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Last updated 11pm Thursday 6 September 2012

September 5 - Acadia NP to Portland Maine

The weather had changed dramatically in the last 24 hours so it was a good day for indoor activities such as going to the ABBE Museum, Bar Harbor, Maine.  

Pictured below is the music room at the Museum.  This is a lovely museum that should not be missed especially if you love Native American Indian artifacts and history.  This room has been designed like the inside of a wigwam and part of the museum. It has a peaceful charm as the flute music plays over the surround sound speakers.  The drum in the middle has been made from one piece of log.  The room is used frequently by musicians.  It has extremely good acoustics.


For those who love a good look behind the archeological scene, this is for you.

Sorted, named, cataloged and now in the computer data base, hundreds of ancient artifacts.

This was the one and only spot we saw on our way to Portland. 

The story of the Log Drum (first pic above)

The beautiful handicraft of a canoe

There were many more handicrafts on display along with other ancient tools of the time.  There was also a historical time representation of when white man took over the area of Bar Harbor and how it grew from being an oasis of tranquility and solitude to the thriving holiday makers spot that it has become today.  Which just goes to show you.  If you find an oasis of tranquility and solitude - keep it to yourself.

The drive between Maine and Portland consisted mainly of tall evergreens on either side of the freeway, frequent signage that alerted you to Moose crossing and exits that consisted of gas station, and tourist information stops.

Pictured below our first view of the city of Portland.  No too shabby.  

September 6 - Portland Maine

A morning stroll along the water front.  This row of boats particularly took my fancy for an interesting shot.

Now I was all booked for a four hour whale watching tour for the afternoon but seeing these two rowing in we were wondering if that was what was left of the previous tour after the whales had had their way with them.  Oh it is Jonah and the whale all over again :-)

Whales have been know to get under smaller craft and capsize it.

Portland Observatory.  The only one of its kind left on the East coast of the US.  It is 250 years old.  Parts have been refurbished.  We got some great historical information about Portland.  The views from the top were a treat.

The compass in the roof at the top.  The telescope is a mock up of the original one.  The original had mysteriously gone missing some time ago.  If you have seen this telescope in your travels contact Portland Observatory immediately.

One of the views from the top of the observatory

Another view of the city of Portland from the top of the Observatory.

We have a great deal more views but David has limited each page to 10 pictures.  Feel free to send us requests for any views you think we may have of the cities and sites we visit.

Sometimes, even on holidays a husband and a wife should be able to go off and do their own thing so this is what we did -  Den did A Whale Watching Tour David did a vintage train tour.  Now let's compare pics.

Sunset on the ocean - Dens tour - Where are the Whales?  We've been out here 3 hours at this point.

Stunning light house as we maneuver through the heads of Portland bay area - Dens tour. 
The house below it is actually a gift shop and assorted museum pieces.  There is a lot of parkland around it suitable for picnics and walking.

Views along the bay

An interesting cloud formation ahead, but no whales!

Inside the vintage train - Davids tour - an hour tour that went along the Portland coast line.

oh oh..... I think this little train has come to the ed of the line.  What was once a bridge that would turn open when a ship wanted to go through has now rusted fast into the open position.  

It don't think this train will be going much further.

Here is the choo choo train - Davids Tour

Here is David looking pretty happy with himself


You may notice the LACK of whale photos!  A bone of contention with me at the moment.  Whilst I experienced 4 hours of the Odyssey Whale Watching Tour WITHOUT siting any whales whatsoever, David did in fact get to enjoy his train trip and have hands on experience and a great talk with the conductor.

However all is not lost  -

1. I didn't get sea sick in the slightest.  Just to get this all in context I can feel sea sick standing on a pier however I was willing to risk 4 hours, 20 miles out to sea to watch whales.

2. I did see one porpoise, 6 dolphins and 6 birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woopie cake for me!

3. The coast line around the bay on the way out to sea was the only interesting thing about the tour.  Lots of lovely homes, gardens, light houses, the city port and panorama.

4. My ticket was stamped for use again for a return trip this season for free as compensation! Great for locals but nothing to compensate travelers just passing through who miss out on the Whales.  Big black cross for this tour!

Excuse my sarcasm.

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