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Last updated 11pm Tuesday 4 September 2012

September 3 - Quebec to Bar Harbor / Acadia NP

Farewell Quebec - hello Maine. 

The drive today was estimated to be about 6 hours long. It was a relatively easy drive and the scenery a great deal improved on the scenery we got driving into Quebec from Montreal.
Today's scenery consisted of lovely fields and streams and mountains and dense forest.

The light at the end of the tunnel.  USA Boarder - 500 meters.

It was good to be back, but first we had to get through the Spanish inquisition.  Boarder patrol were extremely thorough in a caring and sharing kinda way  :-)

We passed inspection and we were on our way.  Not sure about this walking man sign!

Lunch  - No no no no no  this was not what we ate at lunch but it did make quite a site at the roadside cafe we had lunch at.

Pictured below some of the lovely scenery we enjoyed along our journey.  A striking contrast to the industry and scrub between Montreal and Quebec three days earlier.

Scenery one can contemplate ,write songs, stories or even paint.

Yay ... after 6 hours of travel we are nearly there.

And here we are!   The Bar Harbor Regency, Maine which is right next to Acadia National Park

Guess where David and Denise spent the rest of their afternoon?  One of the views from our balcony.

The view from our penthouse suite.

David hoeing through a Lobster Experience meal.  I preferred something a little lighter.  I had the salmon.  David had a blue berry pie for dessert and he claimed it was the best dessert he has had on holiday so far.
I had a dessert called Woopie Pie.  It must have had the biggest ice cream scoop I have ever had on any desert.  Enough to make a little kid go Woopie of course!

We are now trying to figure out what to do tomorrow.  So much to do here and so little time to do it.  I keep having to remind David that this couple of days is supposed to be 'restful'.  We will see what eventuates.

September 4 - Acadia National Park

5.45am - Sunrise at our resort at Bar Harbour.  Beautiful, tranquil and way too early for holiday makers to be up.... back to bed now.

Today was a slow and easy day.  We visited Acadia National Park.  They had this terrific self drive tour on CD that included a map and many pictures of the locations all for US13.00 including tax.  How could anyone refuse.  It was very easy to follow and we could do it at our own pace and know what we were supposed to be looking at and the significance and historical facts that related to the location.  It made for a very thorough and entertaining days exploring.

Pictured below one of the first stops on our self drive tour.  Porcupine Islands

Another stop along the way that included a Native American Indian museum. Pictured below a wigwam outside the museum.

Next stop - A beaver dam (centre)

The rich and famous used to come here to holiday.  This is one of the mansions that were once a holiday home of the rich and famous such as the Rockerfellers, Vanderbelts and Pulitzer

1000 ft above Cadillac Mountain awaits us.  We are looking forward to the view from above. 

Thunder hole coastline.  Kind of a mini blow hole.

Callilac Mountain in background - Otter Point we are taking the photo from.  Unfortunately there were no Otters.

Sail ship photo taken in close up from the top of Cadillac Mountain. (Porcupine Islands in the background)

Gorgeous views in all directions from the top of Cadillac Mountain.  It was becoming overcast and getting pretty cold up there.

More views -  the beginning of the Atlantic Sea in the distance.

Yes we really were there.

We finished the tour around 3pm and decided to explore Harbor Bay Village.  Found an early dinner.  We had not had lunch yet. Cruised around the shops.  Found a great impro comedy club to enjoy our evening.  They were tight, talented and terrific.  What a great show to end a perfect day.

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