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August 31 - Montreal to Quebec City

Farewell Montreal one of the places we can now tick off our bucket list.  Our journey takes us along route 20 part of the Trans Canada Highway to Quebec.  There were two options for getting to Quebec from Montreal and unfortunately we must have taken the boring one.  Not much in scenery.  Long, flat and most of the areas we passed through were industrial.

Breaking the monotony of the journey was this giant Siberian Husky.  This pic is for Mr Moon.

Our first real view of Quebec city was from our hotel room.  It was a long wait for our room but it was well worth the wait when you have a view like this.  It looks even more spectacular at night.  A  Gold star to the Delta Hotel Quebec.  They took good care of us during our wait with complementary free drinks from the bar. ....Hick!!!!  :-)  Did I mention that it was 1 hour and 53 mins of wait?    Really enjoyed those drinks *cheesy grin* Thanks again.

The freeway in the picture below was the one we drove in on.

The entertainment starts on our way to the Cirque du Soleil show with this signage.  I wonder what it could be for?  It amused us. The park behind the car is a really old cemetery.  A bit spooky to walk through at night, which we did on a couple of occasions.  Pretty safe though and reasonably well lit for a cemetery.  It is part of the church grounds from the previous picture. The street in front of the church is the start of Old Quebec.

It was all down hill to get to Cirque du Soleil. Thus it was a heck of a climb home I can tell you.  God Quebec is hilly and I mean STEEP hilly.  Eventually we discovered a cute little 12 seater commuter bus that continually does a circle of Old Quebec for Can$1.00.  We used this several times over the next couple of days.

The  Cirque du Soleil venue has to win the most unusual venue for a theatrical event.   It was under the free way featured in the photo above (to the right hand side of the steeple).  You would think it would be noisy from the over head traffic but no, all you could hear was the show.

The show was called Les Chemis Invisibles - At sunset, a child’s dreams take the public on a voyage into the heart of his imaginary world. An extraordinary universe where traditional meets virtual, and where the child becomes aware of the beauty of human contact through scintillating exchanges that multiply all around him.

Performed outside under the Dufferin highway overpass in Quebec City’s downtown area, right in the heart of the Saint-Roch district, The Pixel Frontier — the fourth chapter of the Les Chemins invisibles event created by Cirque du Soleil — combines acrobatic performances, dance, music and multimedia, all in the signature Cirque du Soleil style.

When we saw the huge crowd waiting for free standing room only tickets we decided the CAN$18.00 (incl tax) p.p. with a seat was the better deal.

Pictured below some of the acrobatics.  These girls certainly took your breath away with the stunts they were performing and there was no safety netting underneath either.

The show was only an hour long but boy did they pack stuff into it.  It felt longer.  I love this stuff.  I think I like it more because it is not just tricks and acrobatics it is story, songs, dance, pantomime and multimedia.

September 1 - Quebec City

Quebec is a city that is surrounded by a wall and pictured below is one of the many gateways.  This one leads into another part of Old Quebec. To the right of it was the Citadel where we saw the changing of the guard ceremony.

Oh look out it has started already.  David I never knew!  What's with the goat?

Some very excellent marching.  I cannot understand how they can see where they are going.  Even close up those helmets look like they obstruct your vision.

Here is the goat again!  A very well behaved goat but a goat indeed.  It turns out that the goat is the regiments mascot since Queen Victoria gifted it to the regiment.  I know what you are thinking.... that's one hell of an old goat!

This goat is quite a few generations down the track. In fact the goat we saw in a display was the 6th Generation so I have no idea what generation goat this one pictured is.  The next generation of goat has already been born and is already being trained as we speak to succeed the one in this picture.  Let this be a lesson to all prospective succession planners.  You don't want to end up looking an old goat!

Eyes right!!!!

I am so glad we got to see a changing of the guard because as you would have read earlier we missed it in Ottawa.  It was not as crowded here as it would have been in Ottawa so I think we got the better deal.

The changing of the guard fee also included a tour of the Citadel and some of its buildings.  This was a very educational and entertaining tour.  Two hours of fabulous value at CAN$10 p.p. 

Pictured below is one of the many lovely views from the walls of the Citadel.

Onward bound we commenced exploring a different part of Old Quebec.  Not only that there is more!
A place called Lower Quebec and this next picture will give you an indication of how much further 'down' Lower Quebec is.  Of course there are stairs but who wants to use stairs when you have a fun ride like this.  Canadian $2.00 per person.  Once you were down the bottom a whole new (old) Quebec reached out for us to explore.  For those of you who ever watched 'Allo 'Allo I seemed to keep wanting to hum that tune whilst walking about Lower Quebec.

This is about a low as you can go in Lower Quebec.  We were right on the river front looking back at this view.
Ta da!  The Hotel Fairmont.

The Fairmont Hotel takes on a commanding view.  It seems a shame that it is a hotel and not a real castle.  We had a sticky nose in the foyer and it was had a 1920's 1930' appeal to it. Very nice but I think that the Fairmont at Lake Louise, Canada wins hands down for 'grand' interior.  I would have to say the Fairmont Quebec wins for exterior though.

Now you may be asking yourself how do we get home from Lower Quebec.  Do we take the cable car again or do we walk?

Maybe I will leave that to your imagination. 

This evening we took the little electric bus down to the St Lawrence river.  At 9pm nightly they have a sound and light show about the history of Quebec.  The little cafe/restaurant provided the perfect viewing spot for the free show.  So we had dinner by the river at the same time.
It was a quiet night I think.  There could not have been anymore than 200 people at the show which made it even better.  A strong comparison to last nights Cirque du Soleil crowd of up to three to four thousand.

Thee above picture is taken at the Docks.  The coloured wall in the distance is actually a long line of silos that the sound and light show is projected onto.  The show was certainly a multimedia master piece.

A stroll along one of the many Old Quebec streets at night.

The moon was nearly full and it looked so wonderful I wanted to see how my camera would shape up.  Here is the result.  Moonlight in Quebec :-)  A romantic way to wait for our little electric bus to take us back to the Hotel.

September 2 - Quebec City

It was a bit of a late start this morning.  Montmorency Falls was our destination.  Montmorency Falls is a big attraction in Quebec and being the labor day long weekend here it was packed with day trippers.

The picture below is - no not the San Francisco Bay Bridge.  It is a bridge near Montmorency falls.  This bridge leads to the Île d'Orléans Island.  A pretty little place full of lovely homes and heaps of interesting places to experience.  We were thinking of going over to the island after we had finished at the falls.

David really REALLY likes bridges.  If you are an avid follower of our trips you will notice quite a few pictures of bridges.

This is Montmorency Falls.  Apparently higher than Niagara Falls.  Quite spectacular but not as spectacular as Niagara Falls.  There is a foot bridge that runs along the top that offers perfect panorama views.

This is the cable car that you take to get to the top.

One of the many views from the top of the falls.  I  took this view of Quebec City on zoom.

The Ghost of Montmorency Falls comes back every year on the 2nd of September.  She had thrown herself off the falls because her fiance had died falling from the falls in battle.  David tries to comfort her and offers himself as a consolation prize.  I am not too sure she is all that keen about it. 

She is actually one of the many 'historical characters' that are dotted around the grounds to help visitors relive the history of the Falls and the people who lived there centuries before.

Hunger strikes.  Walking around the falls area certainly work up an appetite.  Here we are at lunch.  There are three lovely restaurants to choose from at the falls.  That had to be the best pumpkin soup we have ever tasted.  The burger and salad dish that followed was equally as tasty.

Back to earth and as we exit through the gift shop I find the man of my dreams.  I think he was a little cold on the idea though and I got a fairly icey reception however his heart started to melt when I gave him this big hug.

Make sure you have at least 3 - 4 hours spare if you are going to Montmorency Falls.  If the weather is wonderful pack a picnic lunch.

I think we left the falls about 2.30pm and we ended up exploring part of Île d'Orléans Island.  Den's turn to drive.  We had a bit of a stretch at one of the islands interest points where we enjoyed views of Quebec in the distance from beside the Lawrence River.

Evening was fast approaching and we were wondering what to do with ourselves for our last night in Quebec.  So we decided to take a ghost tour.  We had and hour and a half to spare so we had one last walk around the city before having dinner.

Pictured above The Gate of Old Quebec

Pictured below part of our ghost tour sites.

Our ghost leader.  She had lots of gruesome and spooky stories to tell.  There were about eight stories which she told at different locations around the Lower and upper cities of Quebec.  Heaven knows how we managed to climb those hills.  That tour guide was hard to keep up with.

The building she is standing in front of is a church.  It was our final stop for the evening.  It is said to be the most haunted place in all of Quebec.  We went inside.  It was dark and eerie. The ghost tour leader told the story.   The only light we had was from her candle lite (yes in that lamp was a real candle burning).  It was quite peaceful in there but some people get really creeped out.  The guide confessed to feeling creeped out when she goes in there.  There are other guides who have claimed to have experienced unusual happenings in the church.

Great activity to get on ready for sleep time.

Tomorrow we leave Quebec and it is onto Maine through some pretty dense forest I believe,

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