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Last updated 7am Tuesday 28 August 2012

August 25 - Boston to Burlington Vermont

It is our last morning in Boston.  There were a couple of places I wanted to see along the way before our departure to Canada.  Here is one of them pictured below.  This grave stone is one of many at the oldest graveyard in Boston.  Amongst them is Paul Reveres and the Franklin family.  Somehow Benjamin did not make it.  This makes for a very spooky graveyard at night.

What is this ..... ghosts in broad daylight?????  Not as exciting as ghosts, just tour guides.  Although I am not sure about the young lady bottom left. 

Revere's grave stone - so tiny.  It measured about 30 cms square.  However the large memorial to Revere next to it made up for it.

The Boston Tea Party Museum was our destination for the rest of the morning.  This was an extremely interactive adventure that we took part in to re-enact the dumping of the tea into Boston Harbour.  David got to play a character and had dialogue and everything.  There were parts delegated out.  Mine was a barrel maker but I wasn't called upon during the event.  It was a fun hour with plenty of audience participation.

Putting fun and frivolity aside it was time to say farewell Boston and time to head on toward Canada. 

Places along the way.

For those old enough  - can you guess who this character is pictured below?  Believe it or not this was part of a 1950s display at the Vietnam Memorial at the Vermont visitors center.  Great views of the Appalachian mountains that we had been driving through. 

For those of you who could not get the character it is Lambchop.  Sharie Lewis was the puppeteer

The Appalachian mountains Vermont pictured from the Vermont Visitors Centre

We had driven about three very scenic hours or so before deciding to stay overnight in a town called Burlington.  Unbeknown to us this was back to College weekend and everything in Burlington and surrounds was completely booked out by students and parents - for 50 miles all around. They should call it College City instead of Burlington.  Drove past a couple of Colleges on our way to finding dinner.  Very nice colleges.

We eventually found accommodation in an "interesting" place to say the least. A rustic two star at best, and with both entry doors showing evidence of forced entry with a crow bar to them at some point in time I was a bit dubious as to whether or not we should be staying here.  The positive side was that it would definitely make a great location for a movie.  On the negative side the air freshener only made the cigarette smell to the room worse.  Still it was either stay here or drive another two hours into the night and across the boarder to Canada to find somewhere to stay.

The morning could not come soon enough.  At 7am, we were gone.

August 26 - Burlington Vermont to Ottawa Canada

Still in Vermont, but a good 24 miles nornth from hell, we chose breakfast at the St Albans Diner.  I had strawberry waffles and coffee and David had eggs Benedict.  The Diner was cute, the service was great and the food and coffee even better.
(Ed.  There is a picture of a relieved Denise at the diner in Facebook)

Time to get serious.  We continue our scenic drive and finally arrive at the Canadian Boarder, pictured below.  A couple of quick questions about our intentions whilst in Canada and a check of our passports and we are on our way again.

Welcome to Quebec - a rest stop was a good idea. Not long before we hit Montreal although we were not stopping there today we were heading onto Ottawa.

Beware travellers - Moose seem to take a fancy to deer along these freeways and you don't want your car getting involved!

Ottawa - The capital of Canada and here is our hotel for the next two nights.

We unwound with a swim in the hotel pool whilst we waited for our washing to finish.  We then had a spa whilst we waited for the dryer to finish.  Ahhhh what a life.... lol.   A short walk later we found dinner.  The plan this evening was to go to the light show at the Parliament building another short walk from our hotel.  The light show does not start until 9.30 pm and we had had an early dinner so with time to spare we went back to the hotel and thorough we would take a nap but alas three hours later I woke up and noticed the time.  We had missed the light show.  David woke up momentarily rolled over and went back to sleep until 7am!  I rather think the swim, the humidity here and the long drive had added to our fatigue.  I cannot believe how hot and humid it is here.  I imagined Canada to be a lot cooler.

Just wait until you hear about the next exciting adventure of the Kuchmars - Ottawa day two.  "The Heavens Open" and Denny takes an impromptu swim .......... in the car park....... now you see her ...... now you don't!

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