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Last updated at 7am Thursday 23 August 2012

August 21 - Melbourne to Atlanta
Melbourne to LA

Off to a good start.  We spent a comfortable and restful night at the Tullamarine Travel Inn so that we could miss the 7.30am Western Ring Rd traffic.  A good move.

Twelve months of planning has come to fruition.  The theory was laid in and set now comes the test.  We were about to find no matter how well you plan there are always things that are out of your control that are set by the Universe to try ones patience. 

First of all it was the seating allocations at Melbourne airport which had David sitting in a 'middle seat' and me on an isle neither of which we wanted.  I always like a window seat and David always likes the isle seat.  The mess up was due to the fact that we could not pre-book our seats as we booked through Delta, mainly because it was $800 cheaper than booking it direct with Virgin Australia.

Our Australian carrier was Virgin Australia but buyer beware.  It was complicated. They would not even reallocate husband and wife to separate parts of the plane to accommodate. David gallantly offered me the isle seat and he suffered in silence in the 'middle' seat.  BTW there was a spare 'window' seat in the row in front of us that Virgin could have as easily referred me to.  As a consequence there were not the usual amounts of aerial shots coming into LA as we would have normally have had.

The flight was fairly uneventful and time slipped by quite quickly except for the last two hours which eventually ended up in severe restlessness.  Trips up and down the isle and chats with complete strangers at the back of the plane broke it up a bit.

13.5 hours later we had arrived in LA feeling not too shabby and ready to take on the  next leg of our journey to Atlanta.  Transferring to Delta - 5 hours to go.  This time Delta had reallocated David's seat and he ended up with a 'middle seat' again.  This was a flight we had pre-booked seating on and still the airline thinks we wanted to sit together!!!!I

So the following picture is the first one I took as we were flying over Arizona.  You would swear we were looking at Mars.  All the craters there are amazing.  The flight continued on over New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and finally Atlanta Georgia.

Flying over Arizona - it must be Mars don't you think?  There are some fabulous craters to behold.  I am wondering why there are so many craters here and why this area in particular seems to be pock marked with so many.

We made it!      BUT............................. our luggage didn't!   Read to find out what happens next......

Atlanta airport terminal central foyer.

Can you guess where our luggage ended up?

Yes..... isn't that strange.......Even though we were breaking our journey in Atlanta to stay the night (to meet up with a dear friend for breakfast), our luggage ended up going through to Boston, our next destination the next day! It is amazing how inventive you can be when you are stuck without luggage.  Delta ground crew were very supportive and gave us emergency overnight bags of goodies.  Thank you Delta.
It was revealed that the baggage had been checked through to Boston from Tullamarine, heaven knows why.

We call these events "The Kuchmar Family holiday incidents".  There is usually one every holiday and it appears we have had ours upfront this time.

August 22 - Visit With Carolyn - then on to Boston

Pictured below is the lovely Carolyn.  It was fabulous to catch up and share a few memories and laughs and create even more memories watching David spill 1/4 of a jar of dill pickle juice down his new T shirt we purchased the night before at Atlanta airport.  This did not end here because in Boston at dinner the waiter ended up splashing the same T Shirt with the left overs of my Lobster.  

After a sumptuous long and leisurely breakfast in the Executive lounge of the Hilton hotel in which we were staying, it was time to move on back to the airport.  Thanks for the lift Carolyn we are already missing you.

Welcome to Boston

The picture below is the view from our Hotel room (once again we are staying at the Hilton for 3 nights)  This is David's way of using up his frequent flyer points he has stored up from all his overseas trips to date.

Once were were settled we took a nice walk in the cool of the evening in the vicinity of our hotel.  Picture below is a lovely clock tower featuring a brilliant sunset in the background.

Dinner time - Den gets close and personal with a lobster!  I am wondering who had the upper hand, or claw as the case maybe.
(Ed:  It is worth noting that the waiter forgot to order Denise's meal - it eventually arrived 5 minutes after mine was finished.... no tip for him!)

A short stroll to our hotel and it was boot up and download time as the brains trust here sets up for the first entries to this holiday website that we hope you will enjoy over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow it is off to Salem.

Night night

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