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Boston to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec to Acadia NP to Portland and Boston

St Louis to Ridgely to Memphis

Day Date Activity Overnight
To the Airport the night before
Melb Airport
Tue 21-Aug-12 Melbourne to Atlanta Atlanta
Wed 22-Aug-12 Atlanta to Boston Boston
Thu 23-Aug-12 Boston Boston
Fri 24-Aug-12 Boston Boston
Sat 25-Aug-12 Boston to somewhere in CT On Road
Sun 26-Aug-12 somewhere in CT to Ottawa Ottawa
Mon 27-Aug-12 Ottawa Ottawa
Tue 28-Aug-12 Ottawa to Montreal Montreal
Wed 29-Aug-12 Montreal Montreal
Thu 30-Aug-12 Montreal Montreal
Fri 31-Aug-12 Montreal to Quebec Quebec
Sat 1-Sep-12 Quebec Quebec
Sun 2-Sep-12 Quebec Quebec
Mon 3-Sep-12 Quebec to Portland Or Acadia NP Bar Harbor
Tue 4-Sep-12 Acadia NP Bar Harbor
Wed 5-Sep-12 Acadia NP to Portland Portland
Thu 6-Sep-12 Portland Portland
Fri 7-Sep-12 Portland to Boston Boston
Sat 8-Sep-12 Boston To New York New York
Sun 9-Sep-12 New York New York
Mon 10-Sep-12 New York New York
Tue 11-Sep-12 New York New York
Wed 12-Sep-12 New York to St Louis St Louis
Thu 13-Sep-12 St Louis St Louis
Fri 14-Sep-12 St Louis to Ridgley Ridgley
Sat 15-Sep-12 Ridgley Ridgley
Sun 16-Sep-12 Ridgley to Memphis to Orlando Disneyworld
Mon 17-Sep-12 Disney Disneyworld
Tue 18-Sep-12 Disney Disneyworld
Wed 19-Sep-12 Disney Disneyworld
Thu 20-Sep-12 Disney Disneyworld
Fri 21-Sep-12 Disney Disneyworld
Sat 22-Sep-12 Free in Orlando/Kissimmee Orlando
Sun 23-Sep-12 Free in Orlando/Kissimmee Orlando
Mon 24-Sep-12 Cape Canaveral Orlando
Tue 25-Sep-12 Orlando to Melbourne
Wed 26-Sep-12 lose day while travelling
Thu 27-Sep-12 Arrive Melbourne

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