Denise and David in Tasmania
Re-Living the Honeymoon of 1978
Tuesday 28
November - Wednesday 29 November 2017
  Southport to Hobart to Melbourne
last updated 28 November 2017
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Tuesday 28 November - Southport and Hastings Caves

Our last day of touring in Tassy and a reasonably well paced quiet day too before we leave tomorrow.  Today features both the Ida Bay Railway and Hastings Caves.

About 10 minutes from our accommodation there was a little Heritage listed site called the Ida Bay Railway.  It was a 10am train departure from Ida Bay to the "depot" 7 km up the shore.  We promptly arrived at 9:30am to get out tickets and so did everyone else.  Popular.

Pictured below is the station.

Before we left we were able to get plenty of photos and here is one of David standing proudly in front of the train.  Get a load of the train.  It was a mining train from the 1920's and said to be the last operating bush tramway in Tasmania and the most southerly railway in Australia.

Toot!  Toot!  We are off.... sounds more like a tractor.... through the level crossing!!! Ding, ding, ding ding....toot toot toot toot toot!

And we chug away at about 10-12 km per hour.... bouncing along.  Take note of the safety chains stopping us from falling out.

We had a stop along the way ......a small grave yard. A 19 year old who died when a tree fell on him in 1888 and a young boy 14 who met a rather gruesome death with some machinery.  There was also a young girls grave and other unmarked graves that were convict graves.

here is the remains of a jetty that was used for shipping out the ore. 

Then a final stop when we got to "the depot" (pictured below)  Looking back at the train in the "station" from what used to be the long track 50m into the bay to load ships.  Behind the train is a shelter for BBQs and a resident tiger snake!

While at the other terminus, David has a good time... getting the point.

Denise and David share a moment on the ride back to the home station.  It was a "cute" train ride.

We had a quick bite to eat at the Ida Bay Railway cafe (not much choice around here - only one two places to eat for about 30km around), then we ventured up the road to Hastings Caves.  We can just make the 1:15pm tour if we hurry.   With tickets in hand which include entry to the mineral thermal baths we had another 15 minute drive from the information centre to the falls and a five minute brisk walk UP to the caves along this trail (pictured below)

Our cave tour operator Donna greeted us right on time and .... after after our 50 step climb to get the opening, she informed us that there were 500 steps (up and down) on this tour.  It featured three major huge caverns with many features.  We have clocked up quite a few cave tours over the years and we are familiar with what to expect but this cavernous example was gob smacking.

The wedding cake


and the Cathedral.

Denise and David enjoyed the tour immensely.  We had earned a relaxing soak at the Thermal Springs pool.

Dinner at the local pub again tonight.  The portions are so big that we may get an entree and a main course to share between us.

That just about takes us out from our fabulous Tassie holiday.  Just some repacking and flying home tomorrow.   Let's hope Den can get all the washing dry from yesterday.

Wednesday 29 November - Southport to Hobart to Melbourne

Early morning drive to Hobart Airport

 For a lunchtime flight home

Thanks Tassie and see you in another 39 years for our 78th wedding anniversary.

Hope you have enjoyed touring Tassie with us.  It was just like being there!

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