Denise and David in Tasmania
Re-Living the Honeymoon of 1978
Sunday 26
November - Monday 27 November 2017
  Bronte Park to Southport via Bruny Island
last updated 28 November 2017
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Sunday 26 November - Bronte Park to Alonnah, Bruny Island

Pictured be low we say farewell to our 'rustic' accommodation last night at the 'Bronte Park Lodge'. Which was in fact the local pub.

No bones about today it was straight down to Bruny Island via Tarraleah Power Station, by passing Russell Falls because the trip was long enough as it was.  A short stop in Ouse and New Norfolk - a lot of nice old buildings in New Norfolk and somewhere around there there must have been a vintage car event happening because we saw a lot of them - even a couple of EH Holdens (Den's first car).  Then onwards straight through Hobart because there really wasn't any way around that and to the ferry that will take us to Bruny Island.

Pictured below is the view from our window.   Move along... nothing to see here!

The Pub to the left and the 'Lodge' to the right.  The balcony area is one of the dining rooms. The rooms at the far right.

Tarraleah Power Station.

Loading the ferry at Kettering to Bruny Island.

Off we go at the other end.  Welcome to Bruny Island.

Through what is called "The Neck".  Pretty miserable weather at the moment but kinda peaceful compared to the heat we have been experiencing lately.

Our lunch stop, the Bruny Cafe - The only place on the island apparently that you can get breakfast.   Lovely view.

Passing a building that looks very much like an old school house.

We have arrived at our accommodation (Pictured below).  It is in Lunawanna.   We had to check in at Hotel  Bruny which was 9 minutes from our accommodation. After last night we were wondering what to expect.  However this was like a home away from home.  Two bedrooms, kitchen, dining area and family room and of course your normal bathroom facilities. Very comfortable, very modern.  A back yard area and a terrific view of the coastline.

Taking the opportunity to make the most of the day we continued on to  Cape Bruny Lighthouse.  The scenery was wonderful despite the over cast and wet conditions.

These photos were taken on the way to the light house.

The road to our accommodation which is actually on Lighthouse Road.

Following are some of the marvelous views at the Lighthouse.

It would have been even more amazing to look at if the sun was out.

Cape Bruny Lighthouse.  You could say a sister light house of Table Cape Lighthouse near Wynyard.

A panorama from the front door of the light house.

We went back to Hotel Bruny to have dinner (very generous and tasty portions) and on the way back to our accommodation we captured this lovely sunset.

We also captured some pictures of local wild life.  Of course it was now dusk and we had to be careful driving along not to run over any of these gorgeous creatures.

Peek-a-boo!  I think if he thought he played statues that we wouldn't see him/or her.

What a great day.  Tomorrow we explore more of Bruny Island before heading back to the mainland and on to Southport.

Monday 27 November - Alonnah, Bruny Island to Southport

Still pouring with rain as we wake up. Animals hiding.  Maybe some more tonight in the Southport wilderness.

We say good bye to our surprise wonderful two bedroom apartment on Bruny Island. 

Schedule for today....
1. See Adventure Bay - the heart of Bruny Island (sic)
2. Take the Grassie Point walk through the national park - (1 hour )
3. Take the Truganini Lookout walk at the island's neck
4. Ride the ferry back to the mainland
5. Drive to Southport

Adventure Bay was on the agenda this morning and the scenery along here never disappoints.  Here we are at Coal Bay look out.

Adventure Bay is probably as big as it gets on Bruny Island,  a general store, some houses and a lot in between. 

Our Grassie Point walk starts at the beach (just where the beach curves in the picture below).  Some parts of the path were a bit sloppy due to all the rain we have had overnight but we pushed on regardless. Lots of bush and long grassy tufts along the way as the path followed the shoreline all the way to the point way past the end of the peninsula seen in the photo below.

Ahhh a sign we are on the right track.

Part of the track ... it deteriorated considerably from time to time.  It is supposed to be an hour walk in total about 45 minutes each way for us.  Well for one we don't like to rush and we like to stop along the way and admire the scenery. (See it, feel it, smell it.)

Three quarters there an this is a bit of a surprise.  Others have left their mark here over the past few centuries....LOL

At last, Grassie Point.  One of the views.  Yes, this is the point.  The land up close jutting out on the right of picture is Penguin Island (deceptive picture).

Moving right along and a bit weary from our morning walk we headed off to 'The Neck'.  Will climbed the 28,000 steps (only a slight exaggeration - at least 300 gentle steps) to the top of Truganini Lookout.  Ta-da!!!   The view of the neck from the top, phew!.

A bit pressed for time we had a ferry to catch back to the mainland.  If we missed it then we would have a 90 minute wait. And we made it just in time, phew!  He she comes now.

A pretty, windy and wet, couple of hours later, we arrived in a secluded wilderness spot of Southport.

Get a load of this for our final two nights in Tasmania.  Surrounded in bush land our little house has two bedrooms (one for luggage, one for sleeping or one for Den and one for Dave!)  A combined bathroom/laundry and a kitchen and family room area.  This is what downsizing is all about.  "Can I keep it?" said Den.

... and from the outside.... this is wilderness.  Mmmmm we could get used to this :-).

Dinner at the local pub.  Errrrr... better qualify that.... dinner at the local hotel come tavern come restaurant come caravan park come petrol station AND general store combined.  This was Southport. 

Here are some neighbourly friends back at the accommodation.  Heaps of Pademelons grazing everywhere.

We just watched out our huge picture window.  Best entertainment in Southport.  No TV reception here. Mmm that would take getting used to!

Tomorrow we ride the Ida Bay railway and visit the Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs.

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