Denise and David in Tasmania
Re-Living the Honeymoon of 1978
Wednesday 22 November - Thursday 23 November 2017
  Cradle Mountain to Stanley/Smithton
last updated 24 November 2017
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Wednesday 22 November - Cradle Mountain to Devonport

Today we decided to start the day with lots more walking around the Cradle Mountain park followed a stop for lunch in Sheffield, famous for its wall murals and finally on to Devonport.

We exited the Cradle Mountain Hotel for our first walk of the morning - Knyvet Falls. Not too far from where we parked we found a these other falls just off the side of the road (pictured below).

The initial part of the Dove Canyon circuit has a deviation that takes you to Knyvet falls.  Not too far along the track another surprise - a different view of Pencil Pine Falls that we saw yesterday (Pictured below).

About 15 minutes later we arrived at Knyvet Falls. 

Pictured below another view of Knyvet Falls from further down the track.

It was a fairly easy walk track through rain forest - as you can see below. However it did deteriorate quite substantially just after Knyvet Falls so good walking boots are recommended for the rest of the trip to Dove Canyon especially if it was wet weather.

Feeling great after the walk - another surprise.  Another echidna.  These guys are everywhere!

Cradle Mountain Lodge was just across the road and the last walk we wanted to do started for us from behind the lodge.  This walk was called The Enchanted Walk.  Noted as a walk for families it meandered along a ferny stream in the first half and open grass lands in the second half until we came to the first waterfall we saw today.  

A very quiet and relaxing walk.  We stopped several times along the way to enjoy the scenery.  The sun filtering through the trees and ferns along stream.  Very scenic.

At the half way mark - and there is gorgeous Denise, as we crossed the creek at the half way point.

It was time to say goodbye to Cradle Mountain.  It was wonderful to return to one of those fabulous honeymoon memories of 1978.  But, wow!  How it had changed.

About an hour later we arrived in Sheffield - home of the murals - where we first checked out the Information Centre for things to do.

Just in case we were lost, this sign set us straight outside the information centre.  The irony of this sign is that.... it is factually true!

After a sandwich at the local cafe, we set out to look over the town murals.  The town prides itself on its Easter Mural festival each year and displays the top entries in the local park.  Here is an example of one.  There must be about 150 murals scattered through the town.  It is quite incredible.  Pictured below is our favourite.  It wasn't this years winner but it definitely was our winner.

Onward bound and 25 minutes later and we arrived at out bed and breakfast for tonight in Devonport The Grand on Macfie.  Gorgeous place - Pictured below, our room.  Just like home but with canopy!!

Pictured below is the view off the balcony next to our room.  Notice the Spirit of Tasmania in the dock getting ready to leave.  Ah memories of The Empress of Tasmania, the boat that we took to Tasmania at the start of our honeymoon in 1978.  What a rough trip that had been.  No stabilisers and the worst crossing of Bass Strait in 18 years.  We were so ill that night we had to go to a doctors in Devonport to get a certificate to prove we were unable to do the return trip and so that we did not have to pay freight charges to get our car back to the mainland.

And here it is leaving at 7:30pm on the dot.  First it came out into the middle of the "river".  Next it pivoted 180 degrees ... ooooohhhh it only just fitted across the river (watch out for the dock!).  that was close!  Then full speed ahead out to the heads and on to Melbourne.

Tomorrow we drive through Burnie and Wynyard out to the Nut at Stanley and overnight in Smithton.

Thursday 23 November - Devonport to Stanley/Smithton

Today we decided to venture to 'Wings Wildlife Park'.  There was a lot of lovely scenery along the way.  Then we would be driving across the northern coast to 'The Nut' at a sweet little town called Stanley. 

Before we leave Den had to get just one more pic of where we stayed over night - The Grand at Macfie.  We were in the second story room on the left with the bay window.  If you look closely, you can see the staff cleaning the room after we left!

It was a scenic drive to the wildlife park.  Another mountain to wind through, which is usual in getting anywhere and today it was through the very beautiful northern country to the Wings Wildlife Park.  The scenery in contrast very green compared to the south east of Tasmania which is very brown and dry after a winter drought.

At Wings Wildlife Park, we had a close encounter of the third kind with a Koala.  The wildlife staff member assigned to the experience (Dimity) told us everything you could ever want to know about a Koala and also the Meerkats.   Here is Lottie (pictured below).  We each patted Lottie for about 45 minutes while the zookeeper told us all about her and the life she was leading at the park. 

Ahhhh Lottie.... Ruby (our Siberian Husky) would love to meet you!

Next to the Koala was South African Meerkats.  Nice looking fellows....

Hey?  Are you looking at me?  They might look BUT they have razzer sharp teeth so keep your hands to yourself.  However these cuties have been around the staff long enough not to be vicious.

Let me sell you some health insurance.....

Pictured below was our welcoming party - "Hey you people.... me me me me... .feed me.... don't look past me.... feed me not all the other animals.... save some for me, won't you....."   It came running down the track and came straight up to us and just hung around.  

The colourful bird pictured below is called a Golden Pheasant.  It comes from South America.  What are you doing in a Tasmanian wildlife park?  In fact there were lots of beautiful exotic birds in the park from all over the world.

Of course a Tasmanian wild life park would not be the same unless it had a Tasmanian Devil or two or three or more in that case.  More of us later.

Then there were the teeny weeny monkeys - Marmosets.  Here is mummy with her baby.

Talking about babies... these are baby emus born less than 4 weeks ago.

We stretch our necks and look up to this huge ostrich.  It must be well over six feet tall.  Well that is tall for us.

At the top of the hill, we enter the kangaroo enclosure complete with a bag of grain to feed them.  Our first dinner guests - mother AND joey.

Pictured below is the alpha male of the mob.  He was busy pacing up and down watching outside the enclosure.  Something was disturbing him.  He kept licking his arms and we found out that it means he is stressing out about something. Possibly what ever is on the other side of the fence or it could be even something miles away because Kangaroos have exceptionally good hearing.

The feeding continues.  We waited until they came to us and at first they all cued up waiting their turn to be fed but eventually they trusted us and came up to us 3 at a tie.  "Pat me some more.... please... please.... ahhhhh... more more... don't go away".

As we head back toward the exit, one last look at the Tassie Devils. Best pose EVER!

... then David made his emu noise again... and right on cue.....

An extremely good park.  A must do if you are down this way.


Our journey continues.  We drive across the coast and an hour or so later arrived at 'The Nut' at Stanley - pictured below....

What's that ... the chair lift is broken.... we have to walk up?  Ahhhhhhh!  Is only half a kilometer up.... but what a steep climb!!!!  Here we are at the first turn (out of 4)

We made it to the top.  Here is the plateau at the top of the nut.

We decided to take the two kilometer walk around the top.  Lots of views and lookouts along the way.   Looking east. (150 Miles straight ahead is Melbourne).

Nearly finished.....Picture above looking South.

Picture above is looking West.

And finished.  Here is the view of the peninsula - looking back over Stanley.  Reducing the panorama to this does not do it justice.

Time to go - 20 kilometers up to Smithton for the night.

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