Denise and David in Tasmania
Re-Living the Honeymoon of 1978
Monday 20 November - Tuesday 21 November 2017
  Launceston to Cradle Mountain
last updated 21 November 2017
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Monday 20 November - Launceston to Cradle Mountain


  • Liffey Falls
  • Deloraine and
  • Mole creek caves

to Cradle Mountain

First of all a little look at the wild life we saw along the way today .....

Maybe not wild life as such but she certainly looked grumpy.

Below some ducks..... the yellow one was the odd man out !

They breed them big in Tassy!

Some interesting animals that are found around Mole Creek. 

The wedged tailed eagle below is only stuffed but it was quite impressive.  I looked and looked high above me but I didn't see one.

The Tassy Devil and a Quoll - more of them tomorrow.

A lovely looking Echidna.... THIS was not stuffed .... this was a real one walking along the side of the road.

A Mole Creek Cave spider.

Our after dinner walk around the resort.   Brush tail possum and baby on its back.

Back to the start of the day and the Water Fall walk this morning.

Launceston to Liffey Falls - originally a great road until....... as with all roads, when you want to visit a water fall,the roads get more hair pin bends that you may have anticipated.  The actual last 20 kms to Liffy Falls were on the most dreadful of all roads.  Potholes everywhere.  It was slow going but we made it.  It was about another kilometer of walking track through a lovely ferny area to get to the water fall.  We're not altogether sure it was worth the drive after all that.  The falls themselves were pretty they were not exactly spectacular and the vegetation along the river bed and also the scenic look outs made it difficult to get a good straight on picture of the water cascading.   Pictured below are part of the falls. 

Picture below is taken from the bottom of the falls.

It was a tough walk back because it was a kilometer of uphill climbing.

Our next stop was Deloraine.  A pretty little town with a bit of history.  Pictured below is the Folk Museum housing some of the memorabilia of the day.  This building used to be used as an inn.  The back half is a residence.  Behind the building is a historical display of coach houses, settlers cottage, out house (laundry) with attached 'Dunny Can' as they labelled it.  There were also other buildings of the era which made for a very nice journey through Deloraine's history.

Lounge of the residential part of the building. Gotta love the typewriter at the back of the room.

Dining room.


School room.  In those days home schooling was quite normal.

Original tin toys.  Catch a fair price these days.

Singer sewing machine.  Den learned how to sew on one of these.

Good old Arnotts.  It was always nice to buy biscuits straight out of the biscuit tins.  They always tasted wonderful. 

The wash house.  Den's nanna in Gurner St St Kilda had one of these troth's and wringers.

Labelled the 'Dunny Can'  Great looking wad of toilet paper there...owch... bit rough.  We can remember as kids having to resort to this method from time to time.  They day when the ink on newspapers didn't rub off.  

Deloraine down by the river.

After a quick bite to eat we went down to the river and stroll along the river.  We found this lovely old bridge, which of course we had to walk across.  Nice view of the river.

Then it was time to depart and on to Mole Creek Caves (pictured below).  It was fairly stock standard river cave items of interest.  It didn't seem like we walked terribly far into the cave but we did spend a lot of time at each point of interest whilst the tour guide gave us some pretty comprehensive commentary about the cave and its 500 million year history.

Pictured below were some of the points of interest.

Pretty amazing stuff.  A must do if you like caves.

We still had 73 kms to get to Cradle Mountain where we would spend the next two nights.
This is our room  (split level) and looking out into the wilderness.  David of course hard at work uploading the photos to the website for you to enjoy and for us to reflect on long after the holiday is over.
Check out our balcony.  Second smallest balcony I've ever seen!

Upper level of our room at the Cradle Mountain Hotel.

Time to get some sleep.... 

Tuesday 21 November - Cradle Mountain

Supposedly a rest day at Cradle Mountain. However we always find something to do and today it would be a bit of bush walking around the tracks in and around Cradle Mountain.

A sneak preview of Cradle Mountain as the mini van shuttles us between the information centre and Dove Lake.

Pictured below Dove Lake with Cradle Mountain in the back ground.  We started our walk here.  Just a short walk to the Boat Shed.

Stunning views.  Yes that is snow on the Mountain left over from a snow storm more than 3 months ago.

The boat house stop.

You may think this all looks calm and serene but really there were that many tourists up there it quite spoiled the peace and quiet.  We were not even allowed to drive up to Dove Lake due to too many cars already inside the park.  So we had to queue to get onto a shuttle bus that left from the information centre every 15 minutes.  This whole complex had got way too big - with all sorts of other tours being offered it had lost a certain intimacy and was very commercialised.

Pictured below is a bit of nostalgia for us.  The building is now called Cradle Mountain Lodge. However 39 years ago it used to be called Pencil Pine Lodge and it was just the middle section of this building in the picture.  It was pretty moving to have a look through the place.  They had preserved the old section well and honey moon memories came flying back (in a good way).  His pet wombat that roamed about the building and took a liking to gnawing at my ankle.  We remember fondly how we slept in bunk beds in a very basic room and issued a torch because it was generators off at 10pm! 

It was here we saw our very first Tassy devil and watched the owner of the establishment feed them at dusk.  They were pretty terrifying to us at the time and something we wouldn't want to run into in the dark according to the owner but now that we have been educated about Tassy devils I am pretty sure he was telling us a bit of a fib. 

The original room AND the original couches.  They must have been really top class furniture to last this long. The window where we watched the Tassy Devil's just off the porch being fed.

The lovely rustic feeling and the old fire place still in good nick.

This hall had a couple of rooms off it and one of them was ours.  Due to fact that new extensions have been added to the building the room we slept in is not there anymore.

Here is the original porch and entry to the old Pencil Pine Lodge.

And this is one of the new extensions and new entrance.

Pictured below is the Cradle Mountain Hotel.  A huge hotel complex about 4 kms out side of the Cradle Mountain National Park.

Our second walk for the evening had a big surprise at the end - Pencil Pine Falls.

Now that the crowds had gone and very few cars were still in the park we could drive right up to Dove Lake and take a couple of stops along the way to enjoy what we couldn't enjoy this morning.  Getting on to dusk the animals were starting to move about.  First another echina. 

Then a wombat..........

And another wombat.....

And before we knew it many many wombats everywhere we looked.  This was GREAT  :-)  We must have seen about 20 wombats in all over the evening... most of the "very close".

A slow and steady trip up to Dove Lake for an evening view.  The sun now on the mountain gave it a totally different look.  Stunning.

We also checked out a Tasmanian Devils Sanctuary.  We were lucky enough to get on the final tour for the day.  Here is the first one we saw then they started coming out from everywhere.  An extremely well presented and educational tour.  Not too expensive and ran for nearly two hours.


Feeding time over it was sleep time.

A quoll. Interesting creatures.  They usually scavenge from the Tassy Devils leftovers.

Bedtime for big animals like us too.   Back to the Hotel for us. 

By golly I think I can see the Southern Lights - just a gentle glow in the sky! 

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