Denise and David in Tasmania
Re-Living the Honeymoon of 1978
Saturday 18 November - Sunday 19 November 2017
last updated 20 November 2017
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Saturday 18 November - Launceston

Happy Anniversary Denise and David

  • Cataract gorge
  • Penny farthing royal water mill
  • Seaport
  • City Park and the Monkeys
  • Anniversary Dinner
Well we are packing it in today... lots to see.  For a start some pics of the view from the tower of "The Turret House"

More views.....only 600 meters up the road is the famous Cataract Gorge and Penny Royal Complex.

More views....In the distance you can see some silos.  They are being converted into a luxury hotel apparently.

More views......

Below the narrow passage way that leads to the Turret porch. The city of Launceston directly in front.

First thing this morning we took the chairlift over Cataract Gorge.  The old walking bridge in sight.  The chair lift has one of the longest spans in the world from end to end (308m).  It is extremely high and the chairlift chairs are like those that were used previously before Arthur's Seat chairlift in Victoria got dismantled after all the accidents it was having. (Ed:  that is a simple seat with a bar over the lap)

Here we are well on our way over to the other end.

Views below - hang onto that kid fella!!!!!

Sensational views of the basin.

No sooner we got off we found wild life.  Check out the eyelashes..... adorable.

Now for the Gorge walk.  They tell us the zig zag walk is very steep and quite challenging so we piked out and did the Gorge walk instead.  It also had its ups and downs but a lot less challenging that is for sure.  Here is one of the view points.

On the way back on the walk there were a whole bunch of teenagers swimming in the gorge.  Must have been cold.  It was 23 C today so it was a heat wave to Launcestians.  LOL.

Nearly to the end .... it was just over a kilometer in each direction. But it took longer coming back because it was mostly up hill.

Pictured below.  We finally make it to the bridge and we continue our walk over the bridge to the Penny Royal complex to the right (not included in this pic). 

The last time we were here it was a bit old water mill but apparently we must have been the very last people to look through the old building on our honeymoon mid November 1978.  The following year the current complex was built.  It was very nice but it was a bit 'Disney' (for those who have visited those sorts of theme parks).  Still the restaurants were very good.  We had morning tea in the Penny Royal Bar and Restaurant and booked to have our anniversary dinner there in the evening.

The restaurant was the first one on the left after the second set of stairs.

Here is what was left of the old mill we remember.  A little sad.

On the way back to the Gorge walk - some heritage buildings at the starting point.

More wild life pictured below.

The gorge had been created by huge earthquakes that ripped apart the earth to create this massive gorge.  Water has eroded it down over the centuries.

More wild life - a beautiful Peacock posing for the camera.  There are so many of them in the Gorge Park.  There are also some nesting and you don't want to get to close.  One of them went to charge at me and I was only on the regular footpath passing by.

Getting a bit peckish by now.  Time to find some lunch.  'The Seaport' was highly recommended so we went down there to decide for ourselves.  We ended up having a very nice pizza at a very popular spot.

Now its time for some R&R so the Launceston City Park won us over.  Deep sigh ... take the weight off our feet and watch the world go by.

You may wonder why I have a photo of a monkey here.   The park had a monkey enclosure!  Over the years there have been several exhibitions of different monkeys.  On this occasion it was an exhibition of Japanese Macaque Monkeys.  I could have stood there for hours watching them.  Here is one watching me watching him watching me..... I wonder if he understood what I was about!

And here is little Gollum.  :-)  I named the monkey myself.  So looks like the Lord of the Rings inspiration for the character of Gollum.

And finally saving the best till last.... our Wedding Anniversary dinner.  What a great day.

Some heart to hearts over a wonderful meal.

Sunday 19 November - Launceston

Launceston continued.  Mt Barrow, Swiss Village Grindelwald, Green's Beach, Beauty Point, Batman Bridge

The challenge is on....Mt Barrow here we come.   How will we go with those death defying hair pin bends on a gravel road no wider than 1.5 cars in width and sometimes not even that.

A little gathering of the courage here as we look at the climb ahead.

Up we go....slow and steady.

Short stretches of straight road then ...... straight into a hair pin bend.

Getting closer to the top.....then had to pull over for a group of cyclists coming down the mountain.

We made it!  The top of Mt Barrow.

The 180 degree views are spectacular....  looking to my left

Looking straight down

Looking to the right.

The views are really worth the drive up.

Can't get enough of these views.

The valley.

Pictured below - The other side of the mountain.

Ta ta Mt Barrow.  It was a great experience.  As we got to the bottom of the mountain... Den wipes the sweat off David's brough.... phew...... we made it.

Time for lunch at a little Swiss Village just north of Launceston.

Pretty little shops.

Views from above.

The Alpenrose Bistro where we had lunch.  Den had a most delicious steak sandwich and David had the Potato and bacon soup.

Next stop Greens Beach at opening of the Tamar.  Looking out to Bass Strait here.

More of Greens Beach.  The tide is out a bit.  It was a lovely warm 27 C today.  Out on the point pictured in the centre of the photo is a light house......

Here it is in 40x zoom.  Den loves her camera.

Another angle of Greens Beach.

On our way back to Launceston we passed through Beauty Point.

Then over the Batman Bridge.

Then a fairly uneventful quick trip back to Launceston via Woolworths to pick up some provisions to tide us over during our stay at Cradle Mountain.

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