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Friday 17 November 2017
  St Helens to Launceston
last updated 19 November 2017
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Friday 17 November 2017 - St Helens to Launceston


Visiting St Columba Falls, Derby and  Scottsdale - but we didn't go up to Bridport and down the East Tamar Valley.  We left some of that till Sunday

Pictured below is the Forest Walk at St Columba Falls.  The tree ferns were fantastic and so tall.

Here they are 90 meters tall, St Columba Falls.  Very impressive.  This photo doesn't do the view justice.

Pictured below is the Holy Cow Cafe - they do cheese tasting and you can watch the cows milk themselves.  What happens is they come and go from the milking station as they want throughout the day.  They work their way through a maze of gates and finally end up in their milking stall.  A machine operated by robotics then maneuvers the cow into position, attaches itself to the udder teats and the milking commences.  After that the cow continues on for a back rub against a special brush that is high enough for the cow to have a good scratch.  A bit of a reward for a job well done.  No wonder they keep coming back.

There was also the 'Pub in the Paddock' and we stayed the last two nights at 'The Bed in the Trees'.  I love the names they give things here.  The Holy Cow Cafe was actually known in the brochures as The Cheese Factory.

The pub below wasn't the 'Pub in the Paddock' it was just a nice pic I thought was interesting whilst we had stopped to check our route.  The new Weldborough Hotel was on the opposite side of the road.

Just coming into a place called Derby was this interesting site. 

Derby is famous for its Tin mining. 

I really liked the feel of Derby.  There is some great history here.  We had a good look through this old school.  Heaps of memorabilia to look at.

These are the exact same desks both Den and David had in state school (primary school).  The books were recognisable and the ink wells bought back memories of the nibs we dipped to write with.  No ball point pens in those days.  We also both remember learning to type on the same sort of typewriter on display in this picture.

The rest of the school house had a lot of household memorabilia - check out the price on the Rinso. 

The oldest wooden Bank in Tasmania - 1888.

Time for another rest stop and a great view.

We finally made it to Launceston just as school was getting out so traffic was a bit congested.  It was Friday and everyone was knocking off as well.  It was only one stretch of road that suffered congestion and it had to be the one that went straight through the middle of town and that was the only way we could get to our accommodation.  Actually for Launceston it wasn't that bad compared to our freeway car parks back home.

Pictured below - our room at a lovely "Turret House".  It is an old three story mansion.

The picture below is a painting - this is the before shot.

Here is the after shot. Our room is to the far left of the porch.  Notice the tower.  Fabulous views of Launceston from up there.

It has the most unusual steps we have ever seen.  Very steep.  You have to climb them like a ladder and it is near to impossible to walk forwards down them because they are so steep.  Well designed for their day they only take up half the room of a normal stair case.

Another view of our room below.

With plenty of space to spread out and a decent sized table we ate dinner in our room tonight and watched a movie from Netflix.

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