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Re-Living the Honeymoon of 1978
Wednesday 15 November - Thursday 16 November 2017
  Bicheno to St Helens
last updated 16 November 2017
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Wednesday 15 November 2017 - Bicheno to St Helens

Pictured below is the Blow Hole at Bicheno.  We stayed in Bicheno by the Bay.  All night the waves thundered on the rocks and the wind blew.

Drive up the coast to St Helens via the seaside towns of Orford, Swansea and Scamander.  Just outside of Orford is a lovely view along a great strip of beach front.  Sheltered picnic grounds make for a great spot for a walk break and a spot of lunch. Also lovely views of Maria Island.  Quite impressive.  Next stop Swansea (established in the 1820s as Waterloo Point). Swansea is one of Tasmania's oldest towns - more beach to walk along - and finally Scamander. This is all known as the surf coast.  The beautiful colour of the water reminds me of those tropical island resort pics you often see in brochures.

Looking back at Swansea

Below the small township of Scamander

Here we are in St Helens - Top of the Trees B & B -  GLORIOUS views and fabulous hosts.  A must do for anyone travelling along the East Coast.

One half of our room in The Top of the Trees B & B.  The other half (bathroom, complete with spa and kitchen) are to the right.  The picture windows bring outside inside and the sky at night is a sparkling blanket.  Inspirational!

The outside side view of our B & B.  From the front it looks like a huge ski lodge.

The drive way to the top of what literally is the mountain range (Mt Pearson) which also is a National Park area.  The drive is a kilometer long and is so steep there is signage to encourage you to increase your speed to enable you to reach a point where another sign says..............

Every time we reached this point we threw our hands in the air and said YAYYYYYYYY we made it!   I guess you had to be there.

Pictured above is the beginning of the road into the 'Bay of Fire'.  A gorgeous coastline as seen below in a selection of pictures from an area called 'The Gardens'.

The Gardens

More Gardens

From this view you can see the whole 'Bay of Fires' area.   The area names by Tobias Furneaux in 1773 the Bay of Fires comes from seeing the many fires lit by the north-east coastal plains Aboriginal people..

What a sensational day of scenery.  This area is also renowned for its whale watching points.

Thursday 16 November 2017 - St Helens

Rest day in St Helens

Even on a rest day you still have to do something a bit low key so off we went for a drive to a couple of the local points  - first Humbug Point - (pictured below)  Quite interesting rock formations - the rust color is lichen.  The locals tell us if it is really really orangy/red it is sexually active!  Sounds like a sci-fi movie plot.  :-)

Driving back from Skeletal point we saw this little one crossing the road.  I only just got a pic before it scampered into the bushes.

Usually on a rest day we do some laundry (that also doubles as a cafe).  We asked the waitress where we might find the local community radio station, if in fact, there was one.  Bingo!  She was actually an Afternoons presenter there called 'The Tone' .  She gave us directions and told us that the station manager there would be very pleased to meet us.  And indeed he was.  We had a tour around the station and a really long chat that was very informative.

Now back at our B & B for an afternoon rest and to catch up on diary notes and the like.  The pic below is a little piece of history that was built further up the hill from our B & B.  There is a bath tub also on the other side of the house outside where the people who lived here used to bathe.

This evening was a quiet one.  The rains have come and it is so very cosy and peaceful.  A retreat that you definitely cannot miss if you visit the east coast of Tassy.

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