Denise and David in Tasmania
Re-Living the Honeymoon of 1978
Monday 13 November - Tuesday 14 November 2017
  Hobart to Bicheno
last updated 14 November 2017
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Monday 13 November 2017 - Hobart to Richmond via Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

An early start took us out of Hobart and to Glenorchy Shopping Centre for breaky.

Pictured below a lovely bridge on the way to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary on Tasmania Highway 1.

The entrance of the Sanctuary. Tasmania's only 24 hour wildlife rescue service.

Percy the Peacock.

Lizard pit... there were stacks of them in here.

Can't remember the name they gave the Koala but she was pretty cute.  We got to pat her too.

Pictured below a Tawny Frogmouth.  Not as ferocious as they look.

A huge mob of Kangaroos in this area all ready to be fed.


Hellllewwwwwwww said the Emu.  (David made realistic emu noises by hitting on his hollow stomach)

Pictured below is one of the many friendly Roos.  Here is a very inquisitive one - Smile for the camera.  

You can almost try to read what is going on in this little one's head.  Look into my eyes........

Pictured below a very handsome Kookaburra.  There were two others also in this enclosure and they ALL started laughing at the same time.  The decibels were deafening. 

Wombat snack time.  We got to pat this one too.

Pictured below is Micky the Tassy Devil.   Apparently they are pretty shy in the wild.  They only like to eat dead things.


We left the animal park in the early afternoon and headed into Richmond.  A nice lunch and a check in to our Bed & Breakfast.  Then a short trip to the Richmond Bridge.  Richmond is a very pretty little town. 

Late afternoon on the river watching the ducks go by near the bridge.

Our cosy residence for the evening.  The 'Valley View Cottage' (The Mulberry Cottages)

And here is part of the view from our windows.

A quiet night in with a collection of food from the Richmond Grocery store.  [Ed:  David got his salad]  Ahhhh ... peaceful.  We could get used to this.

Tuesday 14 November 2017 - Richmond and Richmond to Bicheno

Richmond and Richmond to Bicheno
- Night penguin tour, or Devils in the dark tour......Mmmm????  I shall let you know a bit later on.

Pictured above is 'Granny Rhodes' Cottage (1840) It is currently undergoing restoration.  It sits in front of the property we stayed in over night.  Granny Rhodes lived to be more than 100 years old.

As we turn our backs to 'Granny Rhodes' Cottage and face the street, a block to the right is the Richmond Barracks (1830) It is now a quaint B & B.

Richmond Gaol (1825) Features below.  To the left the men's solitary confinement to the right the women's solitary confinement, the cook house, separate flogging yard and private privy!  Just behind where I am standing is the fairly lavish two story Gaoler's house. The rooms directly in front centre were the day rooms and one punishment cell. When it was too wet to work outside the men would be kept in these rooms.

Inside the Cookhouse.

The next group of buildings have been made into shops and guest houses.

The Village Store (1836).  It is believed to be one of the oldest general stores still in use in Tasmania.

Just had to go in this store..... Sweets and Treats (The building used to be the Bridge Inn) or otherwise known as the Richmond Wine Vaults.  They also have the BEST ice cream everrrrrrr.

The Colonial Cottage and former shop.  Last time we came to Richmond this was a thriving business and I am almost positive I bought my Huon Pine Breadboard here.  It is now a private residence by the look of it.

St Lukes Church (1834) built by convict labour.

Richmond Town and Country Originally a single story building (1826).  It was added to in the 1830s (you can see the original building) It served as a post office for many years.

On the road again .... Orford coast line.  In the distance Maria Island.  The sand was lovely and the colour of the water was gorgeous.

In the distance is Orford. 

Lunch time and a stop in Swansea.  This big old building was across the road from where we had lunch.  Then there was a little spot out of the way we visited... the 9 mile beach.

And here it is ..... well some of it.....Swansea in the distance and miles and miles of beach in both directions.  There was a little path between houses that we were trying to find and when we did it came out onto the beach.  Now because everything looked the same we dare not go to far for fear of not finding the right pathway back to the car!

Finally at Bicheno our final stop for today.   The picture below is a popular spot for watching out for whales.  Didn't see any today.

Selfie time :-)


Here is a little unexpected find at the local fish and chip shop (located right on the waters edge).

So back to the original question.... Penguins tour or Devils in the Dark Tour?

The Devil's in the Dark Tour was already full and who could beat a close and personal find like this little penguin.  We decided on a quiet night in watching a movie besides everything in Bicheno closes at 5pm. The fish and chip shop took last orders at 5.45pm!  There are a couple of restaurants that are still open after 5pm.  Bicheno shuts down just before 5pm. 

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