Denise and David in Tasmania
Re-Living the Honeymoon of 1978
Saturday 11 November - Sunday 12 November 2017
last updated 13 November 2017
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Saturday 11 November 2017 - Hobart

Woo hoo - Day 2 Hobart.  This is Salamanca Market.  You just can't go to Hobart without being there on a Saturday.  That is when the Market is in full swing.  It is great to stroll through the stalls.  However it was more a shuffle today because it was soooooo packed!  Unfortunately I didn't really see much that appealed and was quite happy to just look.  Based on previous visits to the market over the years, I think it has become over crowded and over priced.  I love Huon pine but a Huon pine fruit bowl at over $250.00 was a bit steep. (Mount Wellington in the background)

Just look at those people ...... packed!!!!

Peace and quiet and here we are on top of Mt Nelson Signal Look out for morning tea.  Its old signal house was refurbished into a restaurant.  It has inside and outside dining and some huge bean bags on the grassed area so you can just lay back and relax in the sun.

More views from Mt Nelson

This is the old cottage that has been refurbished. The new one has the same shape but has a new roof and is painted white.  The front left hand side of the porch has also been closed in for more inside restaurant space.

View of Derwent Bridge from Mt Nelson on (40x Zoom)

Hobart CBD from Mt Nelson on 40x Zoom

I loved the colours of this little bird.  Not sure what kind of bird it is but it really is quite lovely.

Next on the agenda for the day was Mt Wellington.  11 k trip up the mountain and quite a few windy turns and we ended up in the clouds!

Derwent Bridge from Mt Wellington on 40x zoom

The top of Mt Wellington in a brief space between cloud cover.  Mmmm reminds me of Iceland.

Got to get in quick .... clouds are coming back.... a zoom in shot from the top of Mt Wellington of the Casino.  Great views when no clouds.

More views.  Looks like these are taken out of a plane.

Final view from Mt Wellington before our return trip down.  We have to get ready for our dinner cruise.

Pictured below is the captain of our dinner cruise.  He gave great commentary about the history of the area.  It was a 2 hour cruise with a 3 course dinner and two drinks.  Good value because we got a 10% discount for being old! 

Multi-million dollar homes along the Derwent.

Wrest Point Casino in the distance during the first part of our cruise.

Somewhere in there is the original home of Errol Flynn

Pictured below was the original home in Hobart for wayward girls.  It was eventually turned into hotel apartments,

Last view of the Derwent before it meets the sea.  We weren't going that way.  We now turn to go back up the Derwent - by now we were nearly half way through our main course.

Pictured below the captain points out some interesting rocks that date back to 175 million years.  Characterised by the brown layer that has been exposed.

Pictured below we are now on our approach to the Derwent Bridge.  I hope we do miss the pylons!

We did well .... under we went and then back again towards port..... we passed by this container that doubles as Antarctica accommodation.  Hobart is 8 hours cruise time from Antarctica. However Perth apparently is 2 hours closer to Antarctica apparently.

What a fabulous way to finish the day.  We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise - and the meal!

Sunday 12 November 2017 - Hobart

Today we are off to do the Cascade Brewery tour but first a quick breaky at a neat little French patisserie.   Then off to a favourite spot ... Arthur's Circus with its lovely little cute cottages. Love these places cuz they remind Denise of her Nana's place when she was a kid.

More great buildings in the area.  Gotta love the architecture around here.

Its teddy and golly and dolly :-)

A lovely quiet street to stroll along.

Wow.. look what we found right around the bend from the Lenna Hotel we stayed in years ago. Salamanca place (without the crowds).  Just a calm and wonderful Sunday morning in Hobart.

Lots of one way streets to keep the traffic moving.

Time for our Brewery tour.   I'm pretty sure we were on the floor just under the first roof.  Got to know a lot more about how to brew beer. 

Pictured below is of historical significance as these are other items from years gone by.

This is where the action was after the tour.  Included was some taste testing.  We got 4 bottle tops to cash in for 4 choices of drinks to test.  They were pretty generous in their servings too.  David couldn't make it past the first drink, a Mercury Hard Cider 6% proof.  A very nice Cider indeed.  I then managed the same and half of what was left of David's then another Cider which was not quite as sweet then not to mention I just had to try a Cascade Bitter that is only sold in Tassy.  We decided we should eat before we left.  That soaked it up a bit. 

Pictured below, David after his first taste test.  Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  LOL.  So relaxed!

Consequently we missed the 2pm tour of The Female Factory but we did make the 3pm tour.  An extremely interesting place telling the history about Tasmania's (Van Dieman's Land) female convicts. Pictured below is the Matrons House.

Pictured below are the iron fold up beds.  Pretty hard stuff!

Only a floor plan left of the accommodations.  The middle section was bedrooms that housed more than you would want to know.... cramped quarters to say the least.

The side of the Matrons House.

So that ended our day.. The one hour tour is very good and the guide was an exceptionally good story teller that made what could have been a possibly interesting number of facts into a really interesting visual.

Tomorrow morning, we are off out of Hobart and about to circumnavigate the island counter-clockwise.

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