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Friday 10 November 2017
  Melbourne to Hobart
last updated 12 November 2017
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Friday 10 November 2017 - Melbourne to Hobart

12.40 pm lift off and we are on our way.  No sooner we were up in the air we were on our decent into Hobart.  I think we are too used to those 36 hour trips to the other side of the world.  We now feel spoiled for getting here so quickly. 

How long has it been since we got off a plane this way - via stairs?  errrr oh yeahhhhh - Iceland in the hurricane force winds.  No hurricane forced winds today!

Settling in at Hobart - our approach into Hobart CBD.  A great view of the Derwent Bridge.  Our car is very quiet.  A Toyota Camry that turns the engine off when in idle.  It really messes with your head when you are at an intersection and the car sounds like it has turned off.  David had to complain that the car would not start. The rental car man said "it has started, you just cannot hear it".

The route into Hobart.  Love that bridge.

Hadley's Orient Hotel - pretty swish.  Restored to its original beauty.  I feel like I am in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel :-)

Our room - the rest is behind me and to the right of the little round table is a door to a balcony.

The view from where we parked the car - about a block away from the hotel.  Fortunately in designated Hotel parking bays.


Looking up the street to our hotel.  We are on the first floor the balcony adjacent to the blue and yellow sign.

The view West from our Balcony.

Sorry about the sideways view... something to do with apple vs android in portrait mode!  David can explain that better I am sure.  He assures me that this will be fixed from now on - unless you are view this site on an Apple device.  Go figure.  Above, this room is in our hotel.  Lovely for afternoon tea and breaky.


The Elizabeth Street Mall (evening)  We had afternoon tea here and it was pretty busy then.  Hobart is very quiet at night.

Tomorrow, we are to begin our exploration of Hobart

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