last updated 11 December 2015
Day 14 - 10 December 2015
Christchurch to Melbourne
Our final morning.  The plan was to drive out to the Antarctic Centre from 10am till 1pm.  It was right next to the airport.

Enter the Christchurch Antarctic Centre.

This place was a theme park of with rides of a "cold" nature.

We started off watching the feeding of the penguins at 10:30.  We watched them being fed both under the surface...

... and on the surface.

At 11am, we braved the cold and went into an antarctic scene at -8C.  Then the lights dim, with wind picks up and the temperature drops more for about 2-3 minutes... I pitied the tourists in shorts.

Look at those two happy freezing green penguins below.

David even tried his luck on the snow mobile thing.  As the name on the vehicle says... it was "grizzly".

Also in our travels was the
famously exciting Hagglund ride.  A vehicle without wheels for pushing through the snow and over hills....  Pictured Denise inside ready for the start.

This was our vehicle.  It went up and over steep hills and even submerged and floated in a pool. 
Certainly a ride with a difference.

We also took in a 4D movie of the antarctic and of course there was Denise's gift shop hunting.

We drove across the road to the airport, and returned the car. And were ready for the flight home.

The flight was fairly uneventful.  Denise with her window seat in 5F, David with his isle seat in 17D.  That is the way to travel!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the south island of NZ.  It was awesome and breathtaking - just like our two starred travellers!
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