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Day 13 - 9 December 2015
Akaroa Population about 500
Today we set out for the Akaroa penninsula which was an 80 km - 90 minutes drive.  Breakfast in New Regent St (opposite hotel) was met with invasion by the killer swallows.  David was attacked three times times by tiny swallows who stole his toasted sandwich.  Well it was funny at the time.

Of to Akaroa.....

Our first glimpse of the town of Akaroa.  The town that has made its home inside the cone of an extinct volcano.  Consequently it was a very windy trip into Akaroa.  The French first settled here.

Lovely architecture in the main street.

Pictured below a shopping area down near the pier.

Pictured below - Looking back at Akaroa from the end of the pier.

Panorama from the end of the pier from one side.

Panorama from the end of the pier from the other side.

Even when you are 37 years married there are some things you just have to do on your own.  This was one of them.  I went on a 2 hour wildlife cruise and David got to zone out by the bay and watch the world go by.  Of course he had his tablet and no doubt he was watching the shows he had downloaded for moments like this.

There were many points along the way and this was one of significance. A Maori meeting house that is still used today.

Getting further out to the heads and it starts to get a bit rocky.  That was one of the reasons David did not want to go on the cruise.  Milford Sound was enough for him for one holiday. 

The waters were beautiful and even though the wind chill factor was a bit severe up on the front of the boat I was enjoying every minute.  The cabin crew provided jackets that were perfect for keeping the wind chill out.

It wasn't long before we would see our first dolphin.  The heads area was perfect for dolphin watching.  A bit of a rough swell sent me flying once.  I thought I was going to fly off the side of the catamaran.  Those waves can catch you a bit off guard if you don't have your sea legs yet. I think I was the only one at the front that didn't get soaked this time.  :-)

One of the rock features commonly known as Elephant Head.

We were headed for a bit of shelter around the corner from Elephant Head mainly because their were swimmers ahead in the swimming with the dolphins tour that the captain of our vessel was giving consideration to.

Penguins were sighted on the rock shelves around the corner of Elephant Head.

There were many penguins along the coastal rocks and I saw one in the water too.

But here is the best attraction of all.   The dolphins.   They are only about a meter long at the most.  They were so adorable.  We got a fantastic show today according to the captain. They usually swim about in pairs or threes and hardly ever jump out of the water but today........................


......today.....  they were everywhere and jumping in and out of the water all over the place. It was terrific.  It made my day.  I wished David had have been here to see it but I think he would have been ill like he thought.  Two people were already ill.  I was so proud of myself I was not ill.  Not even a bit squeamish.  :-).

Seals galore and there were more picture moments to come.  I ended up taking over 100 photos.  Only the top selections for the day make it to the web site.   See the dark part of the water in the foreground?  It's a seal swimming about.  I didn't quite get him when his nose came out of the water.  He was a bit quick for a photo.

So that was the day....  The cruise and a short look around the shops after it and we were on our way back to Christchurch. 
I was exhausted.   All that holding onto the catamaran rails will do that to you!

Tomorrow is our last day in New Zealand but the adventure is not over yet and we are going to the Antarctic Centre on our way to the airport.  We are looking forward to that.  We will have a bit of a wrap up of the holiday in tomorrows edition.

Oh .... I must say at this point.  On every holiday there is usually a 'Kuchmar family catastrophe'  and I thought we actually were not going to have one this trip but sure enough whilst David was repacking for tomorrows trip home he could not find his headphones.  (this is a second pair of headphones he often carts around mind you)  He thought about where he could have left them and coincidentally he had left them at the first hotel we stayed at in Christchurch.  That was handy.  So after a couple of phone calls they were located and David now has proudly got them in his possession. Not really a catastrophe by any means but I guess there is always got to be some quirky thing/s that can happen on a holiday.

Catch you briefly tomorrow.

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