last updated 8 December 2015
Day 12 - 8 December 2015
Tram, Museum,
Willowbank Wildlife and Totane Maori Experience

One of the many city tourist tram get on get off rides.  Get on and be taken around to 17 spots of interest around the city - get off when the conductor cannot stand David's sense of humour anymore LOL.  Actually I don't think the tram driver liked the fact that David actually knew how the tram operated.

Pictured below - the outside of the tram pictured above.

We did a full loop of the city sites on the tram then picked the Museum as our choice of hop off destination.  The museum is donation only.  It can take up to 2 hours to get around when done properly.  David and I went our separate ways in the museum and I found the Antarctic exhibition very interesting.  The coldest place in the entire world
is a high ridge in Antarctica on the East Antarctic Plateau where temperatures in several hollows can dip below minus 133.6 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 92 degrees Celsius) on a clear winter night.

Mr Penguin - one of many species.

This afternoon we were looking forward to going to the Willowbank Wildlife reserve.  There were several options to chose from so David and I did the Kiwi Tour and the Ko Tane Cultural Performance which included a Hangi meal.  We also got to have a good hours worth around the rest of the public viewing area of the park before hand. 

I have never seen so many birds and animals with such strong personalities.  Please continue through our selection of pictures for the day and you will see what we mean.

Pictured below - Duck gets in for a close up.  Smile for the camera.  :-)

Next up .... Mr Emu.    I think this is my best side, don't you?

Pictured below is my favourite wallaby.  He was keen to keep me entertained for a while. I didn't mind a bit.  He was a little cutie.

Look out here is a duckling who is not camera shy.  Pretty cheeky I recon.  Look at that smile.

Not quite sure if this monkey is waiting for.

The lemur - let me out let me outtttttt..... I'm innocent your honor.

O M G ....  bad hair day.

Well hellloooooo there you sexy beast you  :-)

First I will smile for the camera nicely then I will spit!!!!

There is one in every crowd!  He was my fav.

I cannot recall what the name of this bird is but apparently it is an extremely lazy bird that eats berries from the forest floor that are already fermenting.  Consequently the bird is mostly wasted all the time and easy prey for food.  Apparently the taste of this bird far exceeds the flavour of any other bird on the face of the planet.  The wildlife sanctuary is trying to save it from extinction.

The creature below has been around lonnnnnnnnnnnnng before the T-Rex.  It lives about 300 years.  Because it has a double row of teeth at the bottom and a single row of teeth at the top a bite from one of these can proved pretty nasty.  Apparently they latch on and just grind through what ever they have latched onto.......slowly.  Ewwwwwww.

The Kiwi experience was the last item on the agenda.  Of course they were leaving the best until last.  I saw four Kiwi varied in size.  One particular one was quite close.  We watched quietly whilst it hunted for food.

It's time for the cultural side of things.  Below a greeting from the Villagers.

Performance time.

Haka for women and the men (pictured below)

There was some fun audience participation.  All the men had to get on stage to do the Haka and all the women were invited to lean a song and dance using the poi.

We had worked up an appetite by now.  The Hangi consisted of assorted breads and dips, pork neck, lemon chicken, lamb chops with assorted vegetables and two different kinds of salad.  There were only 10 of us and it looked like a feast for at least 10 more.  Heaps of food.  Great value. Desert was a meringue with a honey comb ice-cream and strawberry co louse. 

Once again a wonderful day was had by all.

Tomorrow we aim to get down to the Akaroa peninsula. If we are lucky there should be some seals, dolphins and more amazing scenery.

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