last updated 7 December 2015
Day 11 - 7 December 2015
Franz Josef Glacier to Christchurch
Denise is back in the chair narrating tonight.

Pictured above.... the view from the end of the street at 10 Cottages. Admittedly in zoom but still a fantastic view nevertheless.

Today we are driving back to Christchurch so the photographs taken will be of all the views along the way.  The first one (above) - the small town of Hokitika on the west coast before we turned right into SH 73 for the drive across the island.

The following photo was not far from a place called Arthur's Pass.  There was nothing but spectacular views almost all the way to Christchurch.  The views dissipated a bit about 90 kms out of Christchurch.

The pic below was taken from the right of the above shot.

The views keep on coming as we wind our way through the mountains towards Christchurch

The sun came out for this one.  It was on and off raining all day.

Not far down the track and another great view of a glacial river bed

This panorama goes with pics 3 and 4 above.

The mountains just get more majestic as you get closer.  This is the beginning of the ski fields.

Not too far along another view.

We have arrived at our hotel.  The Rendezvous.  Views from our 14th floor room follow...

As you can see in the above photographs there are lots of vacant lots.  Buildings used to stand here but have since been demolished and cleared to make way for the new after the 2011 major earthquakes.  As I mentioned in our blogs of the first couple of days in Christchurch, the city is reshaping itself.  It still has a long way to go but the plans and architect designs of the final products up around town indicate a new vibrant city is not far away, the vibe is already here.

Everything old is new again. (below)  This street was completely demolished and rebuilt in the same style.

David chips in.... well not everything is new again... pictured in the local TV / sound system store..... (apologies for reflections... was a difficult shot)

Walking around town this evening.  I spotted a great totem pole outside the Christchurch City Council.

Tomorrow is up for grabs at the moment but we are hoping to get to the Willowbank Wildlife reserve for some education in the native animals of NZ and discover Tane Mahuta the Maori God of the Forest.

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