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Day 08 - 4 December 2015
Friday.... starting off the second week of our two week vacation.

Views around the lake on the way to Dart Valley and Glenorchy

Pictured above and below - the head of the lake still 31 kms away.  I am told it is rare to see snow on the peaks at this time of the year so we are very fortunate to see some snow.

A walk around Glenorchy

Scenic vistas along the walk.  We stopped for lunch with a young French family and the kids (2 and 3 years old) loved us.  Such a wonderful time.  David showed off his knowledge of French but his accent left a lot to be desired.

Pictured center -  Mt Albert and surrounds where a lot of Lord of the Rings was filmed.

Murphy - my horse for the Lord of the Rings ride.  In the background the 'Misty Mountains' in the film

Middle Earth territory.

Mt Albert close up.  Quite a few battle scenes filmed here.

Another shot of the Misty Mountains and battlegrounds.

Murphy likes to go last so he can get into mischief .... a lot like his rider!
He seemed to like to just stand in the icy waters of the streams we rode through.

More Middle Earth territory

Mt Albert again (on the way back)

The river is a bit low at the moment but it must be a raging torrent after the snows have melted.

Who is this Hobbit.... oh no .... it's Murphy and me.

David is not much of a horse person but he was happy for me to do the ride (2 hrs) David took great pleasure in taking some time out by the lake to watch his Fringe and Monk shows.

Another fitting end to a great day....... oh ..... I wonder if we get to do our stargazing tonight.  As I look outside my window the cloud cover is not a good sign.  Ah well we get another free Gondola ride.  :-)

Shall let you know how it pans out.

Tomorrows destination - Franz Josef and Fox Glacier via a magic park of illusions
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