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Day 07 - 3 December 2015

On the way to Arrowtown which is about a 20 minute drive from Queenstown.  A historic town that at first I likened to Williamsburg Virginia and then rather thought it was a facade for specialty items of all kinds.  The old buildings were lovely but I am not much of a shopper when it comes to high priced garments that I would probably never wear at home.

We popped into get some petrol on the way out.  As you can see NZ200.9 cents per litre!

Our first impression of Arrow Town.  Pretty buildings.

Whilst David relaxed and got chatty with anyone who would listen I went through the museum.  It was really interesting.  It is very deceiving from the outside.  Once you got inside and went down stairs there is a whole other world.  Pictured below the school house.  It is weird.  I am sure I am not that old but I do recall the same desks in grade 6 at Belmont State School!

More of the hidden underground world of Arrowtown.

More of the main street.  Beautifully preserved.

Unless you stop for lunch and explore allllll the shops Arrowtown really only takes about 2 hours to explore.

It was back to Queenstown for the afternoon.  The above picture is looking west over the lake.

There was still plenty to see and do in Queenstown (the NZ capital for extreme sports) .  But wait .... this stunning historical boat the TSS Earnslaw takes you up and down the lake whilst you enjoy either morning or afternoon tea or lunch.  Now that doesn't sound too extreme to us.

Anyone for a kiwi ride.  Careful David, he might eat you for lunch. 

Pictured below, not so much an extreme sport but definitely extreme cold.  An icebar experience.  Everything made of ice, a mocktail in an ice cup and plenty of cold air. Brrrrrrrrrracing!   If you don't drink your mocktail fast enough it turns into a slushy.  Getting acclimatized for our Antarctic experience in Christchurch next week where it will be a heck of a lot colder than what we experienced today.   Cheers David..... who also ate his ice cup!

Here is a picture for Taaren.  Yes Taaren we found the Ice Skating  :-)  Walking distance from our apartment.

The sun is going down over Queenstown and I have never seen so many people perched along a sea wall before to watch a sun set.  I have to admit, it was a really good sunset.

I am not sure I mentioned it yesterday but David and I were going on a stargazing experience in the evening which unfortunately due to bad weather conditions was cancelled.  The consolation was that we took plenty of photos on the way up in the Gondola and plenty from the peak.  The good news is we had rescheduled to do it tonight.  Another Gondola ride later plenty more pictures to compare to last nights photos.  The bad news was that it ended up clouding over again by 10.30pm and after much deliberation by the stargazing company it was cancelled again.  Oh dear..... not another free Gondola ride!  LOL .... well were were getting our monies worth out of the Gondola rides that is for sure but very disappointing about the stargazing.  Once again we rescheduled for tomorrow night, our last opportunity to do the stargazing.  Shall keep you posted on the next exciting episode.

Chair lift to the Luge ride.

A zoom in shot from the peak of our apartment block in Queenstown (Centre of picture)

Looking over the top of the StratosFare Restaurant look out of the Gondola.

Tomorrow its off to Middle Earth and ..... the last attempt to stargaze.
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