last updated 2 December 2015
Day 06 - 2 December 2015
Te Anau to Queenstown

A happy snap of the scenery on the way to Queenstown.  We were about 75k from Queenstown at this point.

The tip of the township of Kingston and the southern most end of Lake Wakatipu.  Lake Wakatipu is 75 kms long, the third largest lake in New Zealand.  There were many photo stops along the way.
Pictured below the road to Queenstown.  Almost their version of the great ocean road.

We made it.   Pictured below is the StratosFare Restaurant and Bar. I took this on zoom with my camera from where we are staying.  Later in the evening we would take The Gondola ride to the top.  It is a must do.

But first let's get acquainted with downtown Queenstown.  We took time out to stroll around the township.  Queenstown is a compact tourist spot which I believe is a mecca for the dare devils of sport and recreation.  There are so many activities, para sailing, sky diving, tandem diving, ski jets, jet boats, canoeing through canyons and more.  In the winter of course there are loads of winter sports to get into and the top one of course is skiing.

We had a lovely lunch down by the dock of the lake.  There was a guitarist playing and wild life at our feet.  Had a lovely conversation with a North Islander about things to do and her experiences traveling about New Zealand.  One of the places we spoke about was Arrowtown, a historic town about 20 minutes away.  Where history meets nature so they say.  We are going there tomorrow.

Whilst we were out we booked our Gondala ride and our 'Stargazing' event for this evening.  We are hoping the weather will hold.

The day turned out quite warm 25C in fact.  Even when it has been 15C we have felt quite hot here.
By the time we got back to our room we were exhausted.   This is the first of three days here and it is really supposed to be a 'rest' day today.  So we took the opportunity whilst we could and had a good 2 hours of sleep in before doing the obligatory clothing 'wash'.

Pictured below is the top of the mountain and the Gondola we just got off.

Now for the spectacular views.   I was trigger happy on the camera I can tell you.

Panorama pic from the top... I even managed to get David (on right) into this one.

Another panorama pic below of the chair lift that will take us up to the top where the toboggan ride is.
We are looking forward to doing this tomorrow.

Oh no.... it is starting to cloud over.  Not a good sign for our stargazing experience.

Losing a bit of light now.  Queenstown pictured below and just to the right of the photo sticking out a little bit is part of the restaurant.  Also in the photo at the bottom you can see where the toboggan ride finishes.

I loved this one..... only 4998 Kms to the South Pole from here.

And I turn around to take a picture...... somewhere in that direction is the South Pole.

Our stargazing experience wasn't until 10.30 pm and as you can see the clouds are building up and it ended up all foggy and drizzly and the stargazing experience had to be rescheduled.  They were very good about that.   So we get another Gondala Ride (free) and the stargazing experience tomorrow night (pending weather conditions of course)

More on Queenstown tomorrow.
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