last updated 30 November 2015
Day 04 - 30 November 2015
  Dunedin to Te Anau
I wish that the City of Melbourne would take care of Flinders Street Station the way that Dunedin has taken care of its station.  An easy stroll down to the station from our hotel early this morning.

I think David is trying to wave the train in!  Hey David.... I don't think that is going to work.  Trains do not go anywhere from Dunedin Station.

Diagonally across from the station is the Cadbury factory.  The secret it out.  In 15 years time there will be no chocolate and no make up either because apparently make up uses the cacao (major ingredient) is being depleted world wide. This is a very sad state of affairs...... and will make for some extremely grumpy women.  We neeeeedddddd chocolattttteeeeee.

This packaging bought some memories back from when I was a kid.  A time when chocolate really tasted very special.  The factory had a rather interesting museum of chocolate memorabilia.

One of the vans that used to distribute the chocolate.

The tour was quite good although I thought perhaps there could have been some more taste testing than there was.  However they did provide us all will a nice sampling of items to take home with us.
The best part of the tour was climbing up the 5 stories inside of the Cadbury silo and seeing a literal ton of chocolate, like a waterfall, plummet down the center of the silo through various vats.  It was so loud and quite spectacular to experience.
David put his hand out into the flow of chocolate and it engulfed him.  Yes, after it dried, it looks like we are coming home with a life size easter egg of David!

With Dunedin behind us the views started.  The weather has been marvelous to us. 

First views of the snow capped mountain tops in the distance on the way to Te Anau

Those mountains are getting closer.

Wow.... here we are at Te Anau.  Spectacular scenery.  On the lake here it reminds me of our stay at Lake Louise in Canada.

We made a spontaneous decision to visit the Te Anau Glowworm Caves.  This meant a 30 minute catamaran trip there and back and about half and hour in the caves when we got there.  The caves also included a short boat trip into the depths of blackness to observe the Glowworms.  I was surprised how much light they actually give off.  David and I have been through other glowworm caves but I think these had to be the brightest I had seen. 

On our way back I took this picture of the mountains.  The wind chill factor was a bit severe but we managed to stay up on deck the whole time.  Best views everrrrr!  These pics do not do it justice.

Pictured below a little closer to home port now and this panorama shot shows off a bit more of the lake.

Tomorrow it will be more mountains and water as we explore Milford Sound by boat.
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