last updated 28 November 2015
Day 02 - 28 November 2015
  Christchurch to Dunedin

This looks familiar -  the snow capped mountains we flew over yesterday.  David and I are on the way down the coast.  Christchurch to Dunedin.  Plenty of scenery along the way.  Also loads of industry along the way as well.  It was a while of driving before the actual scenery started.  Through Rakaia and Ashburton and onto Temuka where we raided the local New World Supermarket for nibblies and lunch. We were lucky to see part of the Temuka Xmas Parade.  They had Santa AND his Siberian Huskies.   No reindeer to be seen. 

Further down the road to Timaru, St Andrews and Oamaru where we took a liking to this newly refurbished railway station (pictured below)

Nice frontage

Still in Oamaru we found a great little playground with loads of fun things to have a go on.  I particularly liked
the flying fox in the very background.  The teenagers could not believe two both Denise, then David - two "older people" rode the flying fox.  They could not believe what they were watching!  David also liked the wizzy roundabout (foreground left) and the barrel (background - right)

Gotta love the giant penny farthing

David having fun on the wizzy round about!

The seagull liked the Penny Farthing too!

Time out from driving and we found a lovely nook and a deserted beach to enjoy some quiet time
Not a soul for miles. Ahhhhh heaven.

But of course Dunedin calls and it was back on the road again and soon enough the scenery changed from valleys and fields to more wooded and mountainous conditions ahead and of course the weather deteriorated as you can see the rain clouds ahead.

It was a wet and windy drive into Dunedin but we made it safe and sound into this sleeply Saturday afternoon town.  The picture below is a panorama from our hotel balcony
.  The mountains look a lot bigger in real life.  It was time to explore the town so we put on our walking shoes and off we went.

Dinner was at the Bog Irish Pub tonight.  We have a two day stay in Dunedin. 

Tomorrow (Sun) we will explore the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Larnach Castle and take a trip down the peninsula to check out the Royal Albatross Centre. 

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