Denise and David in Europe 2016
November 13-15
Switzerland - Zurich part 2

last updated 15 November 2016
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Sunday 13 November - Zurich day 3

Knock knock knock.  There was Nina at our door at 11am sharp to start our day local sight seeing in old Zurich town

First one side of the river Limmat.  Lunch.  Then afternoon the other side of the river.  Here is the view from the Lindenhof - an open area with great views.  Notice the two church towers in the background.  We climbed one of the towers later in the day - views to follow.

David, Nina and Denise at the Lindenhof overlooking the river Limmat. 

Nina lead the way through the old town on the west side of the river pointing out sites of interest.  Here is the "big clock" with the biggest clock face in greater Europe.

Note the architecture and fabulous streets.  It is quiet here on a Sunday.

....Every house (haus) tells a story of those who have lived here and their occupation.

Below this building has only ever been a pharmacy and on the side of the building pictures over the years of the story of the building and the names of those working and living here since the early 1700s.

Charming decorations on the balcony below.  A shoe shop.

Pictured below Switzerland's most famous toy shop company.

After lunch we crossed the river to the east side and climbed one of the church towers pictured previously. 

Views of Zurich from all angles.

... and ....

Interesting city - you are not allowed to park in the streets everyone is designated a special parking area. This includes the suburbs!

and yes there is more...

Fabulous courtyards/squares. This is a close up taken from the church tower.

We cross the river to hop aboard a tram. As we look back over the river a curious site of an upsized canoe, and of course the Church and its towers we just visited.

We used public transport a lot today.  A day ticket is pretty reasonable and it is really easy to get around Zurich.  We took a tram and a bus to Nina's school.  She teaches primary school kids.  It was a really lovely space for the kids.  We had been invited to dinner at her mothers so we collected her car here and journeyed on.  Group shot including Vera, (Nina's mum), Nina after a wonderful dinner. 

Thank you Nina for another wonderful day.  Zurich would not be the same without you.

And thanks to Vera for your wonderful hospitality and dinner :)

Monday 14 November - Zurich day 4 - Rhine Falls

Today we have scheduled a day trip to Rhine Falls - then back to meet Nina for dinner at 6pm.

After breakfast, we walked to the train station passing several chocolate shops without buying anything (David has been the one into all the cherry liquors!  I still cannot find any orange creams!  We boarded the S-Bahn headed for Rhine Falls this is about a 40 minute trip.  David was delighted because he got to use the free 8th trip of our train ticket.  We had to change trains to get to Reinfall station.

Pictured below is our arrival at Schloss Laufen at Rheinfall station on the S33 line.

The path the falls was blocked for construction.  So we had to climb the steep stairs up into the castle above - Schloss Laufen. 

Getting closer..A mighty nice residential castle. However it must have been a fortress type of castle to start with because it had a moat and draw bridge.

Nearly there....darn it ... the entrance to the falls viewing is through the castle and we have to purchase tickets.  5 Swiss Francs each.  Not too bad. This covered a Historama exhibition demonstrating the castles 1000-year history, the look out points, the viewing platform right above the falls and the panorama lift.  

The picture below of the castle taken from the ticket office for the falls.  The middle building is now a very fancy restaurant.

In we go .... we can hear the falls but we can't see them yet.

Up the stairs of the castle.  Mmmm? Not quite how we imagined it.  A history of the falls first.  A walk through a the rooms of the castle checking out the history of the falls and its influence in local politics and events.
Each room was decorated sparingly with furniture and paintings.

Ta...da.... - the falls.  Wow. Not too shabby.  That is a lot of water!

This is the hotel/restaurant on the other side of the falls

Today's stars of the falls.... David and Denise (in that order)

Getting closer to the spray here.  We were able to walk out onto an overhanging platform to within one meter of the rushing waters of the falls.  It was fabulous.  What an adrenalin rush!

This is the historic waterwheel that was used to harness the power of the falls over time.

Now THIS is up close and personal.  It wasn't quite Niagara but we were getting just as wet.

Saying goodbye to the falls we returned to the train station and boarded the train to Schaffhausen which passed over the river up stream of the falls.  Pictured below is the back end view of the falls from the rail bridge.

And pictured below is the front of the falls from the train as we traveled in a big arch to the far side of the Rhine to go back to Zurich.

This is the Rhine further down stream.

We visited a quaint toy museum in the late afternoon... interesting... but small.

In the evening Nina dropped in for a big last night dinner.  She was very surprised by a little gift for her fabulous support and friendship during out stay in Zurich.

Below Denise, David, Nina and the as yet un-named Koala.  He has his gum leaf....

... now it is time for our dinner at the Hiltl restaurant (an up market vegetarian all you can eat buffet) as long as you can afford it.   You pay by the weight of what is on your plate.  So we will correct the definition to "all you can afford"!

Yummy for all of us.

Tuesday 15 November - Zurich day 5 - Uetliberg

Our last day in Zurich.  We don't leave until 6.25 pm tonight when our Limo is picking us up.  So we scheduled a train trip up to Uetliberg to see the Zurich views from the local hills.  That killed the morning. 

We left nice and early and walked to Zurich HB to catch the S10 train Uetliberg Bahn from platform 22 to Uetliberg for the views.  It looked like the right train.  It had the right name on it.  But it left 10 minutes early and stopped three stations short of our destination.  Whoops!  We got on the wrong train.  So we got off where this train finished and waited at Triemli for the correct train to complete our journey up the mountain.   Here is a picture of the train at the platform with Uetliberg Bahn on the side.  Now a normal person would then think this was the correct train.  

Here it comes 8 minutes later.  Notice the power is not directly above the train but above to the side.  Fascinating.

Three stations further on we arrived at Uetliberg.   It was a 20 minute walk to the top from there.  We started up the stairs and Denise found a wandering moose.

At the top, there were views not only to Zurich....

... but also to the communications tower along side....

.... and more views of Zurich....

... and behind the mountain.  Pity about the mist.  We made the most of it.

Another view before we leave.

Curious -  it was 20 minutes up to the look out and 4 minutes down.  it's always easier going down.

Down the hill back to the train that was already at the station.  And on to another nice new train for a 20 minute ride back into Zurich HB. 

Notice how the public transport works in Zurich (and many other European cities).  Screens in all carriages say where you are, what is coming up next and when, and the current time.  As you approach a station, it then lists all the connections from that station and when they are due.  The same happens on the trams. 

Melbourne public transport system is decades behind Europe in so many ways.  It is such a pity that we have not kept up with the rest of the world.

Back in the hotel for a final re-pack ready to leave.

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