Denise and David in Europe 2016
November 7-8
Italy - Venice part 1

last updated 8 November 2016
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Monday 7 November - Venice day 1

We may have crossed the border into Italy - but something else changed.  Breathtaking mountains views on both sides of the train as we pass through the valley.  Many castles, monasteries and forts along the way pictured below.

They were everywhere - and ornate.  The one below wasn't actually leaning the train went around the curb when the picture was taken and the momentum caused the camera to tilt.

A castle or fort ruin atop of a mountain on zoom.

Wow... they just keep on appearing!  (Ed.  It was at this point, Denise exclaims " I think we need to come back to Italy").

Not so much snow on these mountains but still a marvelous view to behold.

It doesn't stop. Another castle/fort ruin high on a hill.

The sun sets as we zoom toward Venice.  We are due at about 6:10pm.  It is already dark at 5:15pm

We made it - Venice Santa Lucia.  Now what water taxi should we take?  Down to the docks where we are to catch the number 1 launch to San Angelo.  15 Euro for us to get to the hotel from here.... or a 1.5 km walk through the streets with luggage. Hard choice (not) - to the launch we go.  We hope you enjoy our first evening photos of Venice.

Views on both sides of the grand canal.

It was 12 stops to our destination.  They were pretty quick stops.

Nearly there.

Our stop is in sight ...

Around the bend and....

We arrive - 'S.Angello'

Tuesday 8 November - Venice day 2

Setting out this morning for a leisurely stroll through the San Marco area continuing on through the Dorsoduro precinct and along the coast to Punt Della Dogan where it meets Canal Grande.  It's such a pretty day to be out and about.

Pictured below is the view from our Palace room.  Below is the canal but this view could almost become a painting.

Pictured below is the Palazzo Paruta  - our room is far right after the window columns.

Nearby is this tower that just doesn't look right.   The leaning tower of Venice perhaps!  No nothing wrong with the camera this time.

One of hundreds of pretty lanes.  Everything so close together and 17th century.

A very scenic view of the Canal Grande, the main 'street' of Venice from a lovely wooden bridge that takes us to the Dorsoduro area.

... below - a close up of the Bascilica of Santa Maria from the top of the Ponte dell Accadamia bridge.

Below is a view of a public transport "station" where the launch takes you to other parts of the Canal Grande.

Our stroll went to the point where the Grand Canal meets open waters.  Much to our amusement there were two polizia locale with a speed camera fixated on the water traffic.  Something quite unique.

Gorgeous views at the point across to Guidecca island.

Below is the inside of the Basilica de Santa Maria della Salute.

No shortage of Gondalas along the Grand Canal just waiting for you - 80 Euros per person for 30 minutes.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Morning tea time for us is ten to one today.  Where has the day gone?  After a coffee and a most delicious mud cake we head toward the Bell Tower located in St Marks Square.  We are looking for views again.  Here is our first view as we emerge from what possibly could be the most expensive street in Venice with its "designer" shops.  The Basilica di San Marco and its Bell Tower.  Of course we are going up.

The Basilica is noted as the second biggest attraction in Venice (after the Grand Canal).

Look at the architecture around St Marks square in front of the Basilica the most important Catholic church in the city. 

The picture below is the clock tower.

Ok, time to go up the Bell Tower.... fortunately there is a lift (phew!).  Then we start hearing bells and as we ascend they get louder and louder and then the doors of the lift open and we are deafened!  Very impressive and very hard to hold your ears whilst taking photos and video.  LOL

It is 2 o'clock and the bells are ringing (continuously) for me and my gal!

And... here comes the wow factor again.  WOW!  Venice to the north.  Such a pretty view in all directions.  I think we have fallen in love with Venice.

Venice to the west the "bridge" to the mainland in the distance.  If you can see a leaning tower in there somewhere our Palace is not far away from it.

Venice - a sweeping panorama to the south (Castello area)

And below, the heart of Venice - St Marks Square.

We snake back to our Palace just in time for 'high tea'.... then.....

... and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz     Yes indeed ... this is part of our suite. Hallway and huge bathroom also included.   It's almost as big as our ground floor at home.  Just out of view to the left is an antique secretaire desk.

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