Denise and David in Europe 2016
November 5-7
Germany - Munich part 2
last updated 7 November 2016
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Saturday 5 November - Munich day 3

The beautiful buildings of Munich everywhere you look.  Way to many to put in the album.  Just admire.

Looking down the the street towards  Odeons Platz

Looking back the other way to one of Munich cities gates. University buildings on both sides of the road.

A closer look at that gate.

Some thing modern - some contemporary art "The running man"

A look at the front of the gate photographed earlier.

Odensplatz and some striking statues within.  A crowd gathers.  We though it may have been a demonstration of sorts but it ended up being a parade which brought Munich to a standstill later not too long after.

Obelisk memorial.  Karolinenplatz.  The obelisk was erected in 1833 and honors the more than thirty thousand Bavarian soldiers who gave their lives in Napoleon's 1812 campaign against Russia. Designed by Leo von Klenze, it stands 29 meters (95 feet) high and consists of a number of metal plates made from melted down weapons captured from the Turkish army during the Battle of Navarino.

Statue of Ludwig I

The Sendlinger Tor pictured below is a city gate at the southern extremity of the historic old town area of Munich. It served as a fortification for the defense and is one of Munich's three remaining gothic town gates

The Old Town Square

The National Theatre on the Old Town Square.

Bavarian State Parliament

And below - The Isartor at the Isartorplatz in Munich is one of four main gates of the medieval city wall. It served as a fortification for the defense and is the most easterly of Munich's three remaining gothic town gates.

.... Part of the parade that bought Munich city traffic to a standstill and we were on our hop on hop off bus at the time.....what a great vantage point to watch the parade!  

Smile for the camera Mr Dragon!

Look what we found...... another tower!  It is called the Olympiaturm.  Yes and we went up there to see Munich in all its splendour.  And here is what we saw from 185 feet up. 

What was The Olympic Village we think - tennis courts included.

The stadium and some interesting roofing.

Parklands .... beautiful in this busy metropolis.

More Munich sprawl and the BMW factory to the left.

The next one is for our son Graeme..... The whole BMW complex. 

Check out the solar panels on the buildings.

Looking forward to our last day in Munich tomorrow.  Time flies fast when you are having fun.

Sunday 6 November - Munich day 4

Today we are off to Nymphenburg Palace in the west of Munich.  And hopefully time to check out a couple of other sites.  See you when done!  Ponchos are ready (thanks Karoline) its going to rain.
Nymphenburg Palace owes its foundation as a summer residence to the birth of the long-awaited heir to the throne, Max Emanuel, who was born in 1662 to the Bavarian Elector Ferdinand Maria and his wife, Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, after some ten years of marriage

Our first glimpse into the royalty that lived here .... a ceiling of colour and story.

The back yard view.  The statues have been covered over to protect them from the winter weather.  We certainly had a bit of that today.  Its very cold and raining.

The grand ballroom ceiling.

Through the windows of the grand ballroom we see a view of the front yard!  The flowers have gone, the statues are covered and the ponds have been emptied.

Another view of the grand ballroom.  This was a pretty impressive intro to the Palace.

The next room was Max Emanuels monument to himself!  What an ego. 

Pictured below leading out of Max Emanuel's room the North Gallery - serves as a ceremonial approach to the state apartment.

The bedroom below was Therese Kunigunde's bedroom. Married to Maximillian II Emanuel she had 10 children of which only 5 made it to adulthood.

Queen Caroline's audience room - pretty in blue.

Queen Carolines bedroom where Ludwig II was born.

Wow..... Munich has its first snowfall today.

Part II of our exploration of the palace is the Carriage Museum.   This has got to be Santa's sleigh!

Is Cinderella ready for that ball?  The New Dress Coach 1870 - belonged to King Ludwig II

Dinner time!

The original part of the palace before the wings were built.

It was lovely to be able to spend a cold and wet day indoors admiring how the upper crust lived in those days. However it was time to go back out into the..............snow! 
We waited for a taxi for over an hour then decided to set off on foot until we found a nice cafe to warm ourselves and have a bit of lunch.  What we planned to do was catch a movie at 3ish - 'Girl on a Train',  but for now it was time for Den and Dave on a Tram!

BTW the movie was great AND in English.
Saying ta ta to Munich.  It has its share of surprises that is for sure.

Monday 7 November - Munich to Venice

11:38am train to Venice.  At least it is only about 200m away from the hotel.  This time we get to eat breakfast BEFORE leaving for the station - which we got to underground since it was lightly snowing outside.

Woops... train switched platforms - darn those messages in German over the loud speaker system.  But we boarded the train just in time.  Our travel agent to us squashed between several large people in a packed compartment while other compartments were empty.  We need a new travel agent.

Within the hour, everyone had left the compartment and we upgraded ourselves (in consultation with the conductor) to executive class.  Five and a half hours to Venice.  Sound grueling however there was so much to see along the way only the last hour dragged.

Suddenly we started noticing little patches of white besides the tracks.   Within the next half an hour.....

Snow around us on the far peaks as we ascended through the Alps.

Breathtaking scenery all around us.  This is a peak at the beginning of the Austrian Alps.  

Town along the way and a rather cold looking river.

And castles everywhere as we pass from Germany back into Austria and then of course Italy.   Most of the castles pictured can be found in Northern Italy.

As we went up into the Austrian Alps... we crossed the snow line!  The train went through several very very VERY long tunnels and it was green grass one minute and this the next!

(Denise squeezes in more old castles/buildings)

The Alps roll out before us.  Spectacular views behind the town.

More of the town just before we disappeared into a very very VERY long tunnel.

Same town....(probably Brenner or close by)

Then suddenly were were approaching Innsbruck Austria and everything looks like it came out of a fairy tale book..

Through more tunnels and soon we were coming down the mountain into the North of Italy and its amazing vineyards.

We have now crossed the border from Austria into Italy.  For Italy and Venice .... click forward

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