Denise and David in Europe 2016
November 3-4
  Germany - Munich part 1
last updated 4 November 2016
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Thursday 3 November - Munich day 1

From planes and villages to rolling hills and forest and now.... ta daaaaaa.... the snow capped mountains....

Not far now from Munich Station and our destination for the next four days.  A pretty scene post card perfect below....

And four hours later we arrive at Munich Station.... This was our carriage.

Munich Station.  Lots of shopping centres and restaurants here.  We had dinner at one of them tonight.

We have booked castle tours for tomorrow.  Can't wait.

Friday 4 November - Munich day 2 - Castle Tour of Neuschwanstein & Linderhof Royal Castle

Views along the way..... a fairly cold start - frost on the ground.  They locals say it will be snowing here next week.  Even Vienna had snow forecast for next week.

Pictured below the Bavarian Mountain Range (aka alps)

An example of the type of architecture in the towns we pass through on the bus.

The pretty country side.

Heading into a little village on our way to Linderhof Castle

Linderhof still not far away and the views continue.  The peak in the background is over 6,000 feet.

The mountains through the Bararian woods.

Linderhof Castle is hidden in there someplace.

Found it - Linderhof Castle.   Teeny Weeny!   Well compared to others we have seen.  This is a guided tour with a set time of 1/2 hour.  Considering how small it is we got a lot out of it. 

We enter through the front doors to a square entry area (a lot of marble) fairly plain then move through the first hallway where the guide starts to explain the room and how it is decorated.  Strictly no photographs allowed so sorry guys.  (Ed.  Grrrrrrr!)  You may find some if you google Linderhof Castle. We then did all the upstairs rooms. Very opulent, very over decorated with an over abundance of gold leaf.

All the statues in the garden have been covered over for the winter.  Bit disappointing. 

Moving on to Oberammergau.  Pictured below is one of the many buildings in the village that have these paintings on them.  They are based on fairy tales and old legends of Bavaria. This building illustrating Little Red Riding Hood.

No fairy tale or legend on this one but it was the prettiest building in the whole village.

The main street of the Village.  Lots of great stores for specialty gifts.  Unfortunately we barely had time to find something decent for lunch.  Its all ice cream, cream cakes and chocolate!

An hour later the castle we have been waiting a very long time to see.  Neuschwenstein.  It took our breath away.  Built by Ludwig II in the 1800s, a relatively young castle.  He wasn't very good with money it seems because he had already built two other castles and had run out of money.  He died under suspicious circumstances and never finished the castle. Thousands of tourists to the castle now contribute the entry fee to keep the castle going. 

The castle below - Hohenschwangau, is many centuries older and stands on another peak diagonally across from Neuschwanstein.  Practically neighbours!

The back view of Neuschwanstein castle on the last bit of our walk to the castle.  There are several ways to get up to the castle but be prepared to still do some walking because the mini bus and the horse and cart options stop short of the castle but about 15 minute walk.

First glimpses of the courtyards.

Views from an outside balcony. 

More views....

And of course a close up of a nearby mountain peak serves as a tremendous backdrop for the little bridge below.

The tour is guided and handled in much the same style as our previous castle.  They get bazillions of people through this way.  It is very orderly and you do get enough time in each room to fully appreciate it.  There is also a rather handy little inexpensive guide with photos of each room that you can purchase to refresh your memory later and as we cannot take any photos inside the castle (Ed.  Grrrrr!) the booklet has all the photos your need.  For more information go to Neuschwanstein Castle.

Pictured above is our goodbye view of the castle.

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