Denise and David in Europe 2016
November 1-3
  Austria - Vienna part 2
last updated 3 November 2016
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Tuesday 1 November - Vienna day 3

We started out on our walk and found something strange in a street nearby.......  not nearly as strange as seeing a T shirt yesterday that said "No Kangaroos in Austria". Now that, we would have to say is a little abstract.

Pictured below Karlskirche - Gorgeous from the outside...

Spectacular on the inside!

Our area and all the different sites we have been visiting via rail and a lot of walking.

Sorry .... I have been past so many palaces today they have all fudged into one.   We started at the entrance of this palace and found it housed two museums (left building) and (right building) and that it wasn't actually the palace we were looking for.  So we continued to walk through the grounds.......

Below is Hofburg Palace

What we found through the entrance..... the palace court yard.

Continuing through ..........pictured below to our left of our walk is the Library. It wasn't open.  In fact nothing much was open today because it was a public holiday in Vienna.  We didn't account for that.  However it was still really great looking at these magnificent structures from the outside.

In front of us as the walk progressed - the palace gates I should imagine.

Pictured below .... looking back from the Palace Gates.

This building below is the Museum of Natural History - also closed. The gardens around it are quite nice.

Closer to the Museum of Natural History - David looking pretty natural and blending in with a historical statue.

Then we found this cute bronze elephant - groupie shot.  David, Karolina and Den.

Its 2.30pm and I think lunch was well overdue.  This was Eileys Cafe - extremely nice food here.

We had walked most of the day by now and it was time to journey back to the Hotel for a well earned rest.  I think yesterdays 25,340 steps finally caught up on us.

Wednesday 2 November - Vienna day 4 - Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace

A garden approach into the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace

Passing by the palace green house...

The trees are so neat here and we found out why....

A lovely walkway...the leaves are falling fast - winter approaches

The front of the Palace

It got extremely wet today and we had to resort to ponchos!  The three of us have a great time despite the weather.  Don't we all look fabulous!

The garden walk and the side of the Palace.

The grounds of the palace are vast.

David poses on the front steps of the palace.

Views from the front balcony of the Palace.

After the Palace Maze it was time to hug a standing stone for calm and well being.  David appears to resemble a lady bug of sorts!

The Palace looking back from the Maze entrance.

We spent a great deal of the day at Schonbrunn Palace and by 2pm we were back on the tram and heading for our next Palace - Belvedere.  Pictured below.

This is the 'upper palace' we quickly found out why

Pictured below is the 'lower palace'  Both sections of the palace are not actually set up as a palace any more.  They are more art galleries.  However there were some rooms in both you were allowed to take pictures of.

Room 1 - Belvedere Palace

Room 2 Belvedere Palace.

We weren't allowed to take any photos inside the Schonbrunn Palace and that is why there are none here.  However a book was purchased in lieu of photo taking.  And I am sure if you look up Schonbrunn Palace on the internet there would be some pictures there.

Our last night in Vienna.  Tomorrow another early start and a 4 hour train trip to Munich.

Thursday 3 November - Vienna to Munich

A teary good-bye to Karolina ... as she waved us on our journey from the Karlsplatz station.
Look out we are off..... Munich here we come.   The kph are climbing .....

The Austrian country side - a bit flat at first.  Plenty of grazing and agriculture.

The rolling hills start ......

The forest grows.....

The little villages along the way....

Wide open spaces.....  no goat herds as yet only cow herds actually and some black faced sheep.

The Austrian/Germany border pictured below.

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