Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 30-31
  Austria - Vienna part 1
last updated 30 October 2016
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Sunday 30 October - Vienna day 1

30 minutes after the border and we arrive in Vienna.  This was fabulous Rail Jet train.  We have another one to Munich in a few days. We are already looking forward to that.

Not so easy to get that elusive taxi at the station however.... took two attempts to get a cab that had a boot / trunk big enough for two large suitcases and hand luggage. Sheesh ... go figure!
(Ed.  David has now found the metro details to get us back to the station in a few days via public transport - much cheaper alternative!)

As we arrive at the Hotel, there is Karolina waiting.  We set out for a walk and met Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (a famous poet).  We have no idea why - but everyone else was touching his foot for good luck.  Now we are sure to have a great few days in Vienna.

The view next to the hotel....(no traffic, its Sunday and most things are closed)

We settle down to a late lunch and chew over old and new times.

Denise, Karolina and David.  Till tomorrow when we are out to purchase a 72 hour metro ticket and see the sights.

Monday 31 October - Vienna day 2

This is not the Vienna we visualised..... this business district is amazing.  Today is very much a hop on hop off train and walk explore.  (Ed:  We scored fabulous value in buying a weekly public transport ticket - we can get everywhere without hassle!)

The DC tower.  The train station is in the picture at the bottom.

Panorama of the National Vienna Centre

The Donauturm Tower

Donau Park

The following pictures are views from the top of the Donauturm Tower (360 degree views)
That is the Danube river.

Parkland below


The other side of the Danube

Our exact location and the location of our Hotel Motel One.  You will see we were in the middle of the old and new Danubes.

Suburbs below

The views continue..... can never get enough views :-)

Time for a train we had already exceeded 6000 steps at this point.

A rest stop at a local amusement park which included this gorgeous very historic ferris wheel.  The picture below is one of our views from the top.

Here is the wheel called the Reisenrad.  The carriages are so unusual.

Then back to the walking to the more historic parts of Vienna.  Pictured below is St Stephans Cathedral.  It was sooooo big I couldn't fit it into the picture.

Inside was quite dark and gothic.

The square outside St Stephens.  Beautiful old buildings and one that was a bit more contemporary.

Mozart's Apartment in Vienna.  Den did the tour.  Very enjoyable.

The lane opposite Mozart's apartment - apparently it hasn't changed much at all over time.

Whew... I think it was home time by now.  Would we do the train or walk the kilometer back to our Hotel.  I couldn't believe it Den opted for the walk.  So off we went. 

If you think that is wow .... for dinner we boarded a train went two stations and put in another two kilometers walking to dinner and back.   

Final step count for Monday was....25,340 - a new record.

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