Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 28-30
  Czech Republic - Prague part 2
last updated 30 October 2016
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Friday 28 October - Prague day 3

The Funicular rail.  Our 90 minute tram ticket also includes this. Departs every 15 minutes.
Our destination the Petrin Tower.

Lovely surprises at the top of the hill.

Through the park you can see the city wall.

Peaceful surrounds away from the rat race.

The Petrin Tower - we see people on the circular staircase so we prepare for the climb.  What is this we see?  An elevator? In this?  So we pay 60 Czech-eroners and have the experience ($3 AUS).  No more than 5 people in a very tight steal space. The door is shut then the steal shutters come down behind us.  If you are a claustrophobic do not attempt this!  "Gulp" says David.

Worth it...............the views from the top follow.  You can see part of the old city wall below.

More wall and of course Prague sprawl.   Prague consists of The New City (13 Century) The Old City (don't ask), the Lesser City and the Castle City.  All combined to make Prague what it is today.

Everything is picture worthy. This is a close up of a lovely church taken from the Tower.

Another view of the Prague Castle precinct. Prague Castle entrance on the left.  St Vitus Cathedral commanding center stage.

The river view.  The mist is starting to drift in. To the right Charles Bridge.  Only people traffic on this one. We walked over it to Prague Castle (left of the pic)

and again....

If you look closely you can see our hotel.  A river frontage 5 story building (situated 4th building to the right of the black tower of Charles Bridge).

A surprising find below - an observatory that wasn't supposed to be open but due to the public holiday it was. A very interesting place with 2 telescopes.  We got to look at sunspots on the sun through one of them.

Telescope one.......

Telescope 2 - 150 years old and still working well.   This is the one we saw the sun through.  A highlight of the day.

This is how much Den weighs if she was a Martian... :-)  (Ed:  Webmaster refuses to show his weight on Mars... or on Jupiter for that matter)

Coming down the funicular.

The National Theatre a block away from our hotel.

The pic below is our dinner cruise.  A little bus tour around Prague at night preceded this. 

Sights along the way on the cruise. Prague Castle of course.

The onion tower LOL..... no ... it's just that I can't remember what it was called.

Going through the loch.  No wonder this is a 3 hour tour.  Peak hour at the loch.

Cute..... penguin lights.

An that is that for another day.

Tomorrow is our final day in Prague.  Still plenty to see.

Saturday 29 October - Prague day 4

We set out on a walk to the old city of Prague and the old city square.  Our first delight was this building which was clearly a mix of different architecture with Stucco decoration.  The building is the Bohemia Prague House.

We finally found the real astronomical clock - in the city square... and guess what - it was an hour slow!  No wait.  Daylight savings ends tonight here in Prague. Hope we don't miss our train in the morning!

The old city square pictured below.  A lot of people still about on Saturday morning after the Independence Day celebrations yesterday.

Next we went to see the famous Spanish Synagogue where the Nazis stored all the gold and silver.... but for some strange reason, it was closed on Saturdays.

So on to the Powder Tower, a different one to the powder tower in Prague Castle.  Get a load of this piece of architecture from 1475.  It was one of the original thirteen gates around the old Prague.  Naturally like all other towers, .... we climbed it.

Up the two hundred tight spiral staircase spiraling and spiraling.  Finally a speck of light and then.... VIEWS!

A view of a memorial on the next mountain.  Notice how the train goes straight through the mountain. I wonder if our train tomorrow goes through there.

A sweeping panorama across Prague.

Teeny weeny people on the streets below.

Inside the roof of the Powder Tower was this stone statue. A striking resemblance to our daughter perhaps she has that typical 15th Century womanly look! Go figure.

After climbing down, we strolled on to Wenceslas Square (as in the Christmas Carol)... there is his statue in the distance.  Perhaps you want a close up.

This is a close up.

It was a funny shaped square - more of a mighty long rectangle.

We then checked out the train station for tomorrow morning and trammed down to the Dancing House. About 100 meters down the street behind us was the Manes Exhibition Hall and its Onion Tower (we called it the onion tower) Not sure what its real name was.

... then the Dancing House.


Oh oh.... here's trouble....... oh... no   LOL ... it is a paddle boat..  Quite unique. 

A nice way to say good night till tomorrow.

Sunday 30 October - Prague to Vienna

This morning we are off to Vienna via a brisk but pleasant stroll to the number 9 tram that takes us right to our station.  Just over four hours from now we will be in Vienna (Wein to the locals) and meeting up with Karolina again.

Below - Den catching her breath at the tram stop.  Made it just in time for the low floor tram.... easier to put luggage on tram.

We arrived at Prague Central Station an hour early.  We thought we were getting an old train... but wow... there is that wow factor again, we had a brand new train.  Shiney and looked like it had never been touched by human hands.  The train had hostesses and waiters all dressing the part.  It was top class service to our seats (we had reserved seats with a table)

Pictured below tells us how fast the train is going and all the stations we will go through. Impressive!

It was a very new state of the art train indeed.  It helped a lot reserving our seats.  It was AUS$3 (yes three)  and we were upgraded from first class to super duper first class.

Views below - in transit somewhere between the Czech Republic and Austria. Lots of little villages along the way and plenty of agriculture.


and...that agriculture I was talking about.

and...something a little more modern getting closer to Austria.

OMG - A castle hiding high on the hill in the distance  (but no lonely goat herd).  However there were some reindeer earlier in a field earlier.

The picture below is just after we crossed the Austrian border.

and...then comes the wineries .. :-)

The easiest 4 and a bit hours on a train evaaaaaa!  

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