Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 26-27
  Czech Republic - Prague part 1
last updated 27 October 2016
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Wednesday 26 October - Prague day 1

Sites from the train.  A Castle ... nice.... I am pretty sure this is Karlstejn.  It was on our wish list but it is more than 30 kms out of Prague the wrong way so we won't really get up close and personal with this one.  Its still lovely to look at from a distance.

On zoom.... like I said.... fast train...... had to be quick or it was gone.

It was easier for us to get off one station earlier than to go direct into Prague central.  So here is the nice quiet suburban station we got off. 

Thank you to the lovely taxi driver who gave me 10 kroner so I could enter the ladies loo (David had not arranged for Czech money yet).  The lady who works in there was not a happy person but she would make a great character in a play.

David sorted the money thing in no time at the teller machine at the station and we paid the taxi man back. 
It was now necessary to take a tram - David wanted to take a tram not a taxi.  I wanted a taxi but David won and a tram it was.  It was the fastest zoomingest tram we had ever experienced.  Hold on tight or go flying.   We went straight through the main drag and had fabulous views of the city and the river.  Then tram actually stopped right outside our Hotel. Nice choice!

David is so happy..... our hotel room.

David is in his element.

And these are the views of Prague from our hotel window.

Below, Prague Castle and Vitus Cathedral behind it.

Pictured below - Not terribly sure what this building is but it makes a nice picture and only a block up from our Hotel.

I'm a happy camper.  It looks just like the tv program I had been watching at home called 'Classic Destinations'.  Prague Castle in the background and the Charles Bridge in the foreground.

A meander through the streets of Prague.

Nice car! 

And to round the day off nicely an after dinner stroll over the Charles Bridge and some closer photos of Prague Castle and the Cathedral at night.

The Old Town Square.  Our hotel is only a block to the right of this picture.

What a day, what a day.  Tomorrow - a visit to Prague Castle.

Thursday 27 October - Prague day 2 - Prague Castle

Wow what a day what a day.  If you ever get to Prague and want to see Prague Castle start getting fit now and start the day as early as you can. This is not just a castle tour this is a castle complex tour that includes 8 to 10 tour of buildings within the castle such as, The story of Prague Castle Museum, The Basilique, Golden Lane, St Vitus's Cathedral, Rosenberg Palace, Powder Tower and more depending on whether or not the building is open to the public on the day.  Be prepared for many many steps.

Not more steps!!!!  We have put in a huge effort this holiday as far as steps are concerned and talking about 'steps' our step calculator has shown that we have done a little over 20,000 today.

Pictured above military confer but only by mental telepathy it seems.

Pictured below the front of the Castle and the very very long cue to get in.  Security slows everything down.

Finally we are in.  This is the first courtyard inside Prague Castle.  Now that we are in we need to purchase a ticket to gain access into many of the buildings featured in this complex.

Our first building - St Vitus Cathedral. Huge...... modeled closely to the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

Pictured below one of the many stained glass windows although this one in particular is different because it has been painted.   Note the boy in the red coat in the center of the window - That is Wenceslas -who becomes King and his mother.

Below - a commanding view indeed!

The pipe organ.

And here he is all grown up - King Wenceslas

The photo below is the Kings private entrance from the Palace to the Church.

13th Century glass mosaic.  Apparently an American company maintain this mosaic work.

Above and below - A view of St Vitus Cathedral from outside.

Enough with the Cathedral ... we then  went to the Basilica of St George.  Very plane in comparison but less morbid and bright.

Next stop - Golden Lane.  At the top of Golden Lane was the armory.  Pictured below it looks like they are keeping it in the family.

There were many different suits of armour on display and accessories like the following -
Pictured below are Viking swords dating back to the year 600.

Time to relax.   Well not quite.... this piece of furniture is part of the torcher equipment on site!

Moving on to something more pleasant we continue on the Golden Lane and explore these cute little homes. Most have now become specialty shops but some are set up as they would have been when people used to live there many centuries ago.

Pictured below a view of current day Prague growing out of the Old City.  The mist hasn't quite cleared yet.

Here is the old city sprawl (view taken from Prague Castle)

Crown jewels housed in Prague Castle.  Very pretty.  This was our favourite piece.

The next building was Rosenberg Palace which had a lot of information and a few exhibits.  They also had some crown jewels on display that were extremely similar to the crown pictured above.

Pictured below was our final stop - the Powder Tower.  Military focus from throughout the ages.

Just outside the Powder Tower there was something called an astronomical clock.  We are still trying to work out why it appears to be on the wrong date and time and really if it was in fact a functioning clock at some stage.

After a strong cup of coffee we headed back down the stairs of the Prague Castle grounds back to our hotel for a well deserved rest before finding a nice restaurant for dinner.

What will tomorrow hold for us - stick around and find out, its sure to be fun :-)  It is the Czech Independence Day (equivalent).  We have been warned to stay out of the old city square because there will be hundreds of thousands of people.  So we will go in the opposite direction.

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