Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 20-22
  Germany - Wuppertal part 2
last updated 22 October 2016
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Thursday 20 October - Wuppertal day 3

It is relaxation time in Wuppertal.  A view from the balcony at Kevin and Rainer's.

A day out - view of the street leading to the local village and our bus stop.

The church at the local village in Wuppertal.  This was a common sight throughout our train trip from Paris to Wuppertal.  The towns central point - the church spire.

We swapped from the bus to the Schwebebahn (a "hover" suspension train).  It also swings from side to side as it goes around a curve.  It has been built over the river and also some main streets although I suspect that some of those streets may already have been there before the Schwebebahn.  It has been around since the early 1900s.

This is what it looks like inside.

Views of Wuppertal from the Schwebebahn.

Another goes over head as we stand outside the station.

Wuppertal central.

At the botanical gardens 'Cafe Elise' for a morning coffee with Kevin (right) and Rainer (Left)

Pictured below during our walk a couple of the views of the botanical gardens.

And a look out tower - the 'Bismarckturm Tower' just outside the 'Botanischer Garten'  It wasn't open. But I have seen pictures of the views and they are very nice.

Back on the bus to Wuppertal central and a couple of frothies.

Caught a snap of the Zoo Schwebebahn. (pictured below) graffiti and all including a stencil of kangaroos by the look of it.

We got back to the apartment about 6-ish and had a quiet night in having some laughs and watching movies.
Rainer has been cooking up a storm since we have been visiting. Wow can that guy cook!  We have been spoilt rotten :-)

Friday 21 October - Wuppertal day 4

Another quiet day... David went out solo today. He dropped by the local Wuppertal village and had a look around.  His excuse for another ride on the fabulous Schweberbahn.

How could you tire of this wonderful mode of transportation?

Some Wuppertal landmarks follow.  First of all, this impressive old building stands out amongst the more modern crowd.

and of course the Jubiläumsbrunnen fountain.

Rainer has been cooking up a storm every day and today was no different.  He made a super traditional German dinner.  Goose with stuffing, dumplings a special gravy and red cabbage.  It was outstanding!   .... It was a late dinner but one thing is for sure for a nice goose you have to cook it slowly.  Thank you Rainer, perfect in every way.

Saturday 22 October - Wuppertal to Berlin

Minor hic-up.  It is raining and we had a 25 minute walk with all bags to the local train station.  Executive decision - we will take a cab to Wuppertal central.  Rainer came with us to help us with our bags and to wave us good bye from Wuppertal.  We said our goodbyes to Kevin at the apartment.  Our destination today is Berlin.

I am also sure that Rainer's gift to David of a jar of rollmops will be well used (Ed.  In fact later that night, it was already half finished already)  We love you guys and will miss you.

Pictured below Wuppertal HBF

Gotta love German station signage.

Nothing too scenic along the way, in fact most of the towns the train passed by were heavily industrial.  There were some fields and agriculture but the towns looked like they needed a face lift. It was a 3.5 hour trip to Berlin.  Here is a familiar industry (pictured below).  Takes us back to Ireland a month ago and the 'Ad Blue'  in our VW rental.  Note to self - Never rent a diesel again.

At 1:07pm, we arrived at Berlin Central station.  Shiny, modern, spotless and well layed out.

Berlin begins.

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