Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 18-19
  Germany - Wuppertal part 1
last updated 19 October 2016
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Wednesday 18 October and Thursday 19 October
Wuppertal days 1 and 2

Kevin, Rainer and Udo met us at Wuppertal-Langerfeld station.  There are a lot of Wuppertal stations.  Wuppertal is a big place.  Ours was at the far eastern end of Wuppertal.

Udo drove us back to Kevin and Rainer's apartment.

Reunited again.  Our last visit was 8 years ago.  We all had a great deal to catch up on.

Denise and Kevin were so happy to see each other again....

... while David slept....  (Note David's attachment to his mobile phone!). That was Barney on the couch.

Meet the rest of the family... Barney....and.....

and the two stupid cats (you can tell David is typing this sometimes can't you?)  He is not a cat person.   Anyway pictured below is Mother and daughter Puschel (top) and BeeBe  (bottom)  BeeBe was usually always hiding.

I think this wins the cat house award of the year.    Of interest to Taaren what you build when you have two cats...

The local neighbourhood in eastern Wuppertal.  It was very cold and wet so it was great to be catching up and generally relaxing indoors for a couple of days. David and Rainer got out to the supermarkets.  David loves them everything is so cheap and he keeps comparing everything to Icelandic prices.

Tomorrow we are off to ride the Schwebebahn.  You will have to wait to find out exactly what that is!

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