Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 16-18
  France - Paris part 2
last updated 18 October 2016 (including correcting photo)
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Sunday 16 October - Paris day 3

A big day at The Louvre Museum.  Be prepared for the walk.  Put away at least two days or more if you want to see this museum properly.  We liked how it was divided up but it was still awkward to navigate.

Pictured below the entry auditorium.

Now the pyramid looking up.

The pictures that follow are just a small selection. 

Objects  Louis XIV, XVI,XIV,XVI and Luis XIV and XVI  - for those of you who are historians this will mean the world to you I am sure.

Pictured below - the harp room.

The next picture is Marie Antoinette's room.

Switching contexts... pre-historic items follow.

Pictured below - a journey through the eras starting at 1559

Toutankhamon in marbel.  Pretty impressive.

This was huge and very impressive.

Not quite the Mona Lisa but a Da Vinci nevertheless.

Here she is..... ta daaaaaa.

Before and after smile :-)   Isn't the likeness astonishing?

Above - a look outside the window.

Pictured below a selection of scenes from our dinner cruise.

The Eiffel Tower by twilight - a nice way to say good night.

Monday 17 October - Paris day 4

Off on the train to Cardinal Lemoine and a short while into our walk we come across this interesting old wall.  It dates back to the 13th Century and it is part of a wall that used to separate the City of Paris from the rest of the world.

Just down the street the Pantheon reveals itself.  It's a pretty amazing building. Built in the 1700's.  It houses the ashes or remains of many of the important people of France since that time to today. 

The outside below.

The inside ...

The roof from the center of the building.

Beautiful paintings adorn the walls depicting the eras and some entombed here.

One such person - Voltaire 1694-1778.  The only statue that was smiling.

His crypt

Pictured below Vers La Gloire

A pendulum clock - suspended by from the dome 85 meters above,.

Back wall plus an amazing sculpture in foreground.

Outside the Pantheon looking towards the river Seine and the Eiffel Tower.

Below three electric cars charging up.

After lunch we continued to walk onto the Notre Dame. 

Inside the Notre Dame - an assortment of views follow...


The Seine next to the Notre Dame.

That was our day. Had to make it an easy one because we have a very early start for Wuppertal in the morning.  Time to re-pack.

Tuesday 18 October - Paris to Wuppertal

The trains continue - This morning it is the 7:55 from Gare Du Nord, Paris, France to Dusseldorf followed then by a connection to Wuppertal Germany.  It's going to be fabulous to catch up with Kevin and Rainer again.

Here is Paris's Gare Du Nord station at 6:30am on a Tuesday morning.  They will not tell you the platform till 20 minutes before the train leaves.  But 300 people queue for the training knowing exactly which platform it is leaving.  Not much of a security feature.

Of course we are in the 15th car of the 16 car train and had to walk the length of the train to find our seats.  But when we got there.  "Oops.  No room for bags in this carriage.  Try the next carriage back"  says the conductor.

The train moves swiftly and quietly as we enjoy a full breakfast on the train courtesy of Thalys trains in France.

This is the approximate route to Dusseldorf - approximately 500 km - three and a half hours.

Approaching Brussels in Belgium.  Here is a nice photo for John (who enjoys epic train views) as we roll across a flyover.

Our Thalys train from Paris to Dusseldorf.  It was full

Timing is a wonderful thing.  The never wrong Eurail Planner - the official train times and planner for all of Eurail was wrong.  We were supposed to board a train at 11:50 in Dusseldorf for Wuppertal.  But it left at 11:43 and our train arrived 5 minutes late at 11:45.... so we had to wait till the next one at 12:23.  Ah but the sun was shining on Dusseldorf station. 

The our train (pictured below) arrived at the platform and Denise refused to board it.  It seemed she did not think it secure for our luggage.

Soon after the right train came and we were on our way to Wuppertal.

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