Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 14-15
  France - Paris part 1
last updated 14 October 2016
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Friday 14 October - Paris day 1

3 minutes to landing in Paris.  A snap shot of what is to come...

Charles De Gaulle international airport.
Looks like something out of the Jetsons.  Now which tube do we take?

Bags retrieved and straight into a taxi.  It was a fixed fare €50 from the airport to the hotel.  We took it.

We made it in one piece. Never had we ever seen a taxi driver swerve in and out more often than this one in heavy traffic!  There were some gaps we were sure we were not going to make it.  And look out if you are on a bicycle!

We are the only guests at our B & B. We feel pretty special.  It is a one room bed and breakfast with absolutely delightful hosts.  The apartment and the building looks like it is right out of a movie.  Beautifully appointed.  And the bathroom! Mmmmmmmmm David exclaimed "Denise, why can't you get our bathroom smelling this good?"

View of the room below. Behind the curtains french windows and a courtyard view.

The courtyard view.

Pictured (looking up) is the stair case.  (We were only on the second floor)  There was also a super one person lift.  (It only took one bag at a time up to the room). However we both managed to fit into it when we returned from our afternoon explore.

Once we finished settling into our B & B we took a walk to explore the area. There was a huge church at the top of the hill we thought looked pretty interesting so we headed for that.  Up in the distance was the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.  So we walked up the three hundred and something steps and were rewarded with some tremendous views of Paris.

A closer view as we got closer to the top.  We really did get up that hill.  Phew!

Inside (and out) it was quite a fabulous architecture.  The pipe organ was fabulous.

Back outside and the view down the hill shown below.  Paris!  It was a little bit cold and wet but who cares when you're in Paris!

On the way down here was a neat little discovery - the vehicular railway - DOH!  We walked down though.

Typical Paris streets.  Love the wrought iron trim.  This building below is not too far from where we are staying.  Completely different to home especially traffic. Although you have right of way on a pedestrian crossing you have to be on the alert for bicycle and motor cycle riders.

For dinner, we decided to pop out to the local market and pick up a roast chicken, some baked potatoes, and some pickled red cabbage for David.

A good dinner had by all.

Three sunny days scheduled for the rest of Paris. 

More tomorrow.

Saturday 15 October - Paris day 2

A fabulous breakfast awaited us at 8am this morning presented by our hosts Bernd and Greg.  Armed with a croissant each (for morning tea) and a bottle of water - we headed to the nearest Metro station and rode 10 stations on the M2 line, changed to M6 for 5 stations and there we were at the Eiffel Tower.

A word about security in Paris.  To get into the Eiffel Tower promenade we queued for 20 minutes for a security check.  Then we then queued for 30 minutes for tickets.  THEN we then queued for another security check before entering the tower (another 15 minutes to get in) and then we had another wait to get into a lift. We rode the elevator to level 2 and took some pictures.  Time to take the lift to the summit / another wait for the lift of course.  (Coming down was to be a lot easier.... we just jumped!) No ... actually we went down 15 flights of stairs then took the lift .  We stayed up there a long time.  One could never tire of the view and we hope you like our selection for today.

And up we went for the views.... (if you want to see the trip up, check out the video on Facebook.  If you don't have Facebook, then I guess that is unfortunate)

The Seine from the Eiffel Tower

Part of the Paris sprawl from the Eiffel Tower

The Arc de Triomphe from the Eiffel Tower.  This was taken on zoom from the top of the Tower.

The Louvre Museum (it was a long shot) from the Eiffel Tower.

More views from the Eiffel Tower.  This took several hours.   As you can see things are a little hazy and the sun is still trying to break through the morning haze.  More Paris sprawl below.

Pictured below the Les Invalides from the Eiffel Tower

This was a view from level 1 on the way down.  We walked the (steps) 57m from level 2 to level 1 - Denise's idea.

Time fro a long stroll - 1.4 km to the Arc de Triomphe... feet starting to get tired.

Pictured is the front........

.... and the back.....

How do you get to it over the 15 lanes of random traffic?  You obviously cannot cross the traffic.  We eventually found the stairs and we entered underground.

More security checks and ques to get in but not so bad. By this time we both need some "conveniences".  Nearest toilet - at the top of all place - you guessed it.  A que for the loo!

You can take the stairs or the teeny weeny lift so we took the lift.

Pictured below is inside at the top.


Pictured below more spectacular views of Paris.

... and .... Memories of Chevy Chase in European Vacation.  That roundabout is amazing.

The old versus the new....

And the new versus the old.

After returning to hotel via one train, we rested and walked to dinner at a nearby restaurant recommended to us by our B & B hosts.   Step count for Saturday 15 October = 22419 steps.  David indicated it was his second biggest day since recording stated (after the Great Wall of China -which was over 25000 steps that day).

Tomorrow we have scheduled a late breakfast, train to the Louvre Museum and early return and a Seine River dinner cruise in the evening.  
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