Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 12-14
  Iceland - Holmavik, Reykjavik
last updated 14 October 2016
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Wednesday 12 October - Blonduos to Holmavik

A cold rainy day.  Well not much to see today as we whisk along from the north of Iceland into the north-west.  Pictured in Blonduos as we leave the rather small town.  (Well so we thought - it had 2 restaurants - Holmavik has one if you are there in time - otherwise.... pick up something at the petrol station)...

First (and only stop) 30 minutes in - was the Kolugfufur falls,  Not a huge walk this time and spectacular views once again.

Looking downstream from the falls.

And back on the road for the two hour drive to Holmavik.  Denise finds her spots of nature along the way.

Nearly there... hmmmmm shows the way back to Reykjavik tomorrow - only 233 km - looking forward to the 8km tunnel.  We had better turn right now.

And here is the tiny town of Holmavik.  It only took 40km of bumpy gravel road to get there.... but we got there.

So why Holmavik you ask?  Because it features the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft!  Literally that is all it features.  The musuem also doubles as the only restaurant in town.

Denise was in her element here.  But she was quick to use her magic on David.

Pictured below an authentic 17th century witches broom preserved over the years in the museum which is as old as it is.  It is carefully fastened to the wall to stop it flying away.  The broom took an immediate shine to Denise.  She was swept off her feet.

We tried to check into our (ummmm) room but it was all locked tight and a note on the door said to come back at 4pm.  So we sat at the bay in the rain and proceeded to watch three episodes of the Patty Duke Show with surround sound in the car while we waited.

Better leave now or we will miss the only restaurant in town.

Tomorrow we drive back to Reykjavik (civilisation) so we can catch a 6am flight to Paris the following day.  Did I say 6am.  Yep - 6am.  Let's see wake Denise at 3:30am.

Thursday 13 October - Holmavik to Reykjavik

No breakfast offered at this abode ... so let's get out of this town!  We exited through the mud of the town square to a good highway, route 61, 60 and then route 1 into Reykjavik - a three hour tour!

Scenery along the way follows. Can't beat the ever present volcanic features of this country.

The waterfall of the day.  No name... just somewhere between here and there.  I must admit Iceland must be the capital of waterfalls of the world next to the South Island of New Zealand of course.

Ahhhhhhhh through the mountain mist..... Iceland in its glorious splendor.

Then over the next hill was the surprise that Denise was waiting for.  Her first live volcano.  Time for a selfie! 

Finally something to warm us up.... although only temporarily...lets get the heck outa here !!!!!!!

We stopped for coffee.  Denise says we just missed a great walk.  So I do a 'U' turn and we investigate further.   Lets follow these steps.... still looking like a great little climb.  Ten minutes later we saw where it went - up into the far distance to the top of the mountain.  Errrrrr .... I don't think so.  Not today we didn't want another Ireland 'bog' incident for us as it was raining and getting pretty muddy and we ran out of steps!

Back to the car.  40km on to the tunnel.  Well I was stumped.  There was no bridge across the 6km bay.  There was no ferry.  Google did not show a crossing.  How did the road go across?  A 6km tunnel under the bay. Awesome!

We got to Reykjavik. We left really early to get to Reykajavik early to enjoy the rest of the day catching up on things we didn't see the first time around.   We had no luck at the Harpa Arts Centre.  Every time we lined up for tickets to their movie presentation of Iceland, the girl selling tickets was on the phone and nobody else was selling.  The queue was at least 12 or so people long - and hence we missed the show twice! Grrrrrrr horrible customer service at the Arts Centre!!!!  (The Iceland 360 degree presentation starts every half hour).  We had the same problem when we first came into Reykajavik so it was really three times we missed this show.

So Denise went off to the Saga Museum which featured an historical representation of Iceland history.  (pictured below)

Denise found her way into Icelandic history.

A view of downtown Reykjavik.

The Settlement Centre which featured ancient manuscripts of Icelandic history - called "The Sagas".  Pictured below is what was called a contract. There were five main manuscripts on display. 

  • The book of settlement
  • Jonsbok
  • Bill of purcase for Reykjavik
  • Islendingabok
  • Kjalnesinga Saga

On the way to the airport - we looked at this neat Viking Hotel.

A quick look at a local art gallery and finally we make it to the airport hotel. No waiting about for this check in.  This Hotel is walking distance to the terminal in the morning.  Car filled up and returned.  Thrifty Car Rental in Iceland turned out to be the best of all the three car rentals we had here, England and Ireland.

I appeared to have missed three fighter jets taking off 30 seconds apart at the airport but Denise assured me it was a sight to behold.  They took off a bit too quick for a picture.

Tomorrow morning Paris here we come!

Friday 14 October - Reykjavik to Paris

The alarms went off at 3:45am.  We quickly were off to the airport.  The 6am flight left at 6:40am.  Not too bad.  We did get to see a good sunrise over the ocean in the sky.

Soon we were about to land in Paris.
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