Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 9-11
  Iceland - Lake Myvatn, Husavik, Blonduos
last updated 11 October 2016
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Sunday 9 October - Egilsstaoir to Lake Myvatn

Views of Egilsstaoir from a nearby vantage point.  Egilsstaoir's claim to fame is their own 'Nessy'.

Just one of the roads we wanted to feature - this is at Snaefell area.

View of Snaefell surrounds.

Mountains and what appears to be a volcano in the distance.

All the mountains are so different and very picture worthy.  Notice the road in the foreground, a mere slip of a ribbon in comparison to the grandeur of this panorama.

Dettifoss - The roar of the water was amazing.

Dettifoss (to our right) drops into the canyon below (to our left)

And there was more.  This picture taken on our walk to Selfoss our second waterfall for the day.  Selfoss is only 700 meters from Dettifoss and feeds into Dettifoss.

Selfoss - (Horseshoe shape) very pretty.  All in all a good hour or so spent at these waterfalls.

Loved this one. 

Now some time for rest and relaxation. Myvatn Nature Bath (Jardbodn).  We stayed here a long while.  The heat just right although there was another bath that was 41C that I liked much better.  There was one pool that was not for bathing and I think it may have been a feeder to these pools. That pool was 100C, great for looking at.

Whilst at "the bath", we met Nina from Zurich.  A lovely lady whom we hope to meet up again with when in Zurich next month :)

Sunset at Lake Myvatn.  It's the perfect night for Northern Lights!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Northern Lights!  This was a beauty.  A little past the top of this photograph the lights fanned out above the hotel and rippled away like a curtain in a soft breeze.  It really does take your breath away when you see it above you and I really needed a wider lens to get the full effect.

Not bad for a Cannon Power Shot SX720 HS.  Took a while to adjust my camera to capture the lights.  It also helped to grab the shot when the lights were at their peak intensity.


We look forward to another viewing tonight - weather permitting.

Monday 10 October - Lake Myvatn to Husavik and return

The view from our hotel as we start our day trip to Husavik.

Pictured below are the beautifully extraordinary Icelandic horses.  The Icelanders have kept them all to themselves to keep the breed pure. They have wonderful natures.

Looking across to the small village of Husavik on our approach.

Down on the Husavik docks.  There are some really lovely old boats down here.

Loved the architecture of this cute church.

A visit to the Whale Museum unearthed a lot.   A great place to find out all about different kinds of whales and those also that frequent the waters in this area of Iceland.

We thought a further drive up the coast from Husavik to the neck of the bay would reveal a nice viewing spot for whales but we found nothing and ended up driving further away from the bay so we returned to Husavik.  I guess you just have to take the whale watching tour to see the whales.  You need to book way in advance to get a spot and I left it too late.  (Ed:  David gets sea-sick - so did not mind)

Pictured below is a very interesting vehicle.  We're not quite sure what it is used for but included it out of interest.

Traveling a different way back to Myvatn and we strike gravel roads.... quite a few kms of them too. Not many trees in Iceland.

A look out nearby shows off the lava fields below.

The next few pictures show off Hverir - an area full of thermal activity.

Steam coming out of the mountains.

and steam hissing rather fiercely straight out of the ground.

The mountain literally breathing steam from all angles.  This place smelt of off eggs!

Mud pool bubbling. 80 to 100 C

I feel like the Mars Rover!

Lake Myvatn

Back at Myvtan and we headed for this crater. 

The walk up the side of the crater got quite steep and very windy at the top.  Hold on....  To what?

A view over the rim into the crater at the top.

Views from the top.  Other craters in the distance.  This Myvatn is literally pockmarked with craters.

That car park looks a long way down.....

Tuesday 11 October - Lake Myvatn to Blonduos

Today we travelled to Góðfoss Waterfall of the Gods then onto Akureyri the second largest city in Iceland with a population around 18,000. Our final destination today is Blönduós a small but quaint area in the North of Iceland.

First up was the crater walk which was just down the road from our Hotel.  A great way to start the day... walking and fresh air.  We would be in the car most of the day.

This whole area is pock marked with craters. A safe haven for birds and a lot of sheep.

There are not many trees in Iceland so this was a great showcase of trees all in a square kilometer. As you can see around the perimeter there is nothing.

Pictured below "the waterfall of the Gods" Góðfoss.  12 meters high.  The river it flows into is 180 kms long and so is the lava flow that accompanies it.  It is the longest river in Iceland.

The scenery continues.  Snow capped mountains ahead and more to come along with a steep mountain climb and roads that ribbon their way through the mountain passes.

Our decent from one of those roads opens into a beautiful fjord not far from Akureyri.

Pictured below the lovely town of Akureyri.

Some helpful advice from the visitors centre in Akureyri meant we had a good lead to see some whales without having to take a boat!  Fantastic. This is the result.  Evidence that we did in fact get to photo some Whale shots. It was spectacular to watch but you had to be very quick with the camera.

More below ... just before the tail came up and disappeared again into the depths.

No it's not Nessy!

It was hard to drag ourselves away from the whales but we had to get on the road again.... craggy mountain tops.... and below more snow capped mountains.  We are coming into Iceland's best skiing area.

Pictured below our destination for the night -Blonduos guest house and a very nice meal and a very nice guest house with a bathroom that is nearly as big as our lounge room at home.  This is the view from the bathroom window.  Nice views from both our bedroom and bathroom windows.  If it turns out to be a clear night maybe we will get a good view of the Northern Lights again.

This is the view from the bathroom window.  I would say it used to be a bedroom window because it is at the front of the house.  There has been quite a bit of renovation to this old building. 

Tomorrow we are travelling around the Northern coastline to Holmavik

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