Denise and David in Europe 2016
October 1-3
  England - London part 2
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Saturday 1 October - London

Take two - After breakfast this morning, we made our second attempt too travel to where we were originally headed yesterday - to the Beatles Abbey Road Studios.

The Abbey Road crossing - with Denise and David.  There were dozens of people doing the same crossing and taking pictures. The traffic was not impressed.

On the way back to St John's Wood station... the houses were amazing.  Here is one which struck us by chance.

Next stop was 'Covent Garden'.  It was very crowded and the live shows (street theatre) had many people watching.  It was hard to work our way around the different stalls with so many people so we eventually decided to move along to Leicester Square.. Interesting sites along the way include - the Royal Opera House.

... Freemason's temple.

Leicester Sqaure. There were a lot of people out on a Saturday morning/afternoon on the way to Leicester Square.  The footpaths flooded over with people.  Saturday morning is buzzing.

At Leicester Square, there were more street performers.  This puppet was dancing to "Just a Gigolo" by Louis Prima.   This one is for Hayley.  She loves skeletons.

In Leicester square was a tribute to William Shakespeare (minus one arm).

A couple of blocks up the road was 'Piccadilly Circus'.  This seemed to be the equivalent of "meeting under the clocks" at Flinders St station.

As we passed through 'Piccadilly Circus', we noted that all of Regent Street was occupied by the American NFL all the way to 'Oxford Circus' (about 2km).  The streets were packed with people to enjoy the hype of the US football season that was about to start.  It turns out to be a gigantic sales promotion to sell NFL media access.  Some budget!

Pictured are some cheer leaders - trust David to spot that out of hundreds of different stalls.

We closed the day at 3pm - again exhausted (18,000 steps) later we slipped two stations down the Victoria line to our hotel and slept the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday 2 October - London and Surrounds

We want to catch that early train for Watford Junction!  The fast train.  David estimated it to be travelling at least 160 kph.  The country trains were even faster.  We were nearly blown away when an express one went through at Watford.  Blink and you would miss it if it wasn't for the breeze it made.

Pictured below Watford.

Out and about during the day with our fabulous hosts Eileen and Chitra - one of the many thatched roofs characteristic in this area.

Pictured below David, Eileen, and Chitra (left to right) in this 13th Century church (1292)

The exterior of the church.

Not far from the church we had an explore of The Great Barn lovingly restored.  (also 12th Century).

The first 'White Horse' at Uffington (not pictured) is better seen overhead because from the valley you can only really see half of it. The Uffington White Horse is a highly stylised prehistoric hill figure, 110 m (360 ft) long, formed from deep trenches filled with crushed white chalk.

The second white horse we saw is pictured above - not sure what this one was called - more research required.

What a find.  Averbury and its stone circle.   Despite all the people milling about if you just stopped and took in the atmosphere and the magic of the place it was so silent you may have heard a pin drop.  It also has the only pub (15th C) in the UK that has been built inside the circle.  What would the ancients think of that?

Some sites around Averbury.  Taking a stroll down the street we found this lovely church ground.  There are some gorgeous houses here.

Pictured below is one of a group of houses in the Cotswold area.  Really spooky from a distance but as we got closer a very charming and welcoming group of homes.

Another area of the Cotswolds.  Quite a bit different and still just as charming.

A birthday dinner back at Eileen and Chitras. Happy Birthday David.  What an exciting and wonderful day.


Finally a huge thank you to Eileen and Chitra for you fabulous hospitality and driving :)

Monday 3 October - London to Reykjavik

Leave about 9am for a train to Gatwick Airport London.  But what a break... the plane is an hour late.  We can take it a little easier.  Now it is a 1pm flight from Gatwick to Reykjavik in Iceland. 

Iceland is to be the big highlight of our vacation.

After finding a stamp (almost impossible in England these days unless you buy at least four), we sent off our England postcard to the grandchildren.

And it was the ever so slow Gatwick Express which arrived 20 minutes late after stopping at a red signal for 15 minutes.

2 miles of walking later, we reached to departure lounge for our Wow flight to Iceland

Up up and away, we bid farewell to the United Kingdom

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