Denise and David in Europe 2016
September 27-28
  England - Bradford, Skegness
last updated 26 September 2016
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Tuesday 27 September - Bradford to Skegness

The Midlands Hotel - our shower.   Houston we have a problem!  This looks more like a scene from Dr Who.

The back massage jets worked beautifully.  There was another shower head as well that didn't make it into the picture.

Looking up from the foyer of the Midlands Hotel.

Some interesting architecture along the way.

Conisbrough Castle.  Quite imposing the closer you got to it.  The tower at the back was a bit of a climb. The views from the top were worth the climb. A couple of school groups were going through it at the same time.  The visitors center has an education area for schools.

The views from the top of the tower.

Some insight into what the castles interior must have looked like in its hey day.

More views of some of the castles ruins below.

A lunch stop at the Bridge Inn.   The owners were also renovating a room that would eventually be a tea room.  Pictured above some of the items decorating the room.  After this we had to cross the bridge.... the toll....40 pence!

Our second castle for the day .... Lincoln Castle in Lincoln of course.  Here is a view of the tower the highest vantage point of the castle.  360 degree views from up there although scenic in our day were pretty advantageous to those in medieval times.

This castle was built more as a fortress than anything else.  1000 soldiers would train and live here.  It also houses two prisons and a court.  This is classified a 'working castle'  because the court and prison still operates within the walls.

Views from the entry gate of the village and the stupendous cathedral which dominates the town.

The Magna Carta is housed in this vault.  We had a close up and personal look at it and two other medieval documents kept in the vault.  Lucky for us, David learned latin.

Pictured above .... the West Gate

Pictured below ... the East Gate

Gotta love castle walls.   It is 1/3rd of a mile long and we got to walk the whole length of it. 

Down into the dungeon.  It was pretty foreboding down there by yourself.  Had to climb through a hole and down a ladder to get to the bottom.

Strange that it had a window.  Be pretty freezing with the wind blowing through in the winter no doubt.

Pictured above.... a close up shot of the West Gate taken from the Castle wall on the East Gate side.

Lets get on with the walk shall we?

Another shot from the wall - in the foreground one of the prisons and in the background the Tower.

The door to the garden cemetery.

The prison.  This one particularly was used to hold those who could not pay their debts.

Pictured above a view of the village taken from the top of the Tower.

Pictured below a view looking back along the wall to 'Lucy's Hill'  This is area is a getaway area.  A safe haven from intruders.  They would take anything they could burn and throw it around the bottom of the hill as a defence. The stair case was originally a ramp.

More views from the Tower of the prisons in the foreground and the courts in the background.

The lovely streets of Lincoln.  It was a little slow getting through there!

Onward bound and an hour away we were in Skegness, a seaside retreat and a fun playground for all the family.  A bit of a mini Blackpool Pleasure Beach but far less tacky.

A lovely Tudor looking building below...

We had dinner here on our first night in Skegness.

Wednesday 28 September - Skegness

Today is really a rest day before driving into London on Thursday

Wow.... look what we found in Skegness.  We were pretty much booked out for the day so we didn't get the opportunity to visit it.

Pictured below a water park. 

Some homes that line the streets of Skegness. 

Pictured below a wind farm.  I counted 120 of them.  My new camera appears to lack a panorama setting so you won't see all of them in this pic.

A work of art or an eyesore ?  You decide.

In close up..... an oil rig!!!  Looks like something out of a sci fi.

The beach without the wind turbines out of view.

Pictured below Sunningdale B & B. Very cosy and comfy.  David in foreground and the car we are driving.

Thus endeth Skegness.   London here we come.

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