Denise and David in Europe 2016
September 24-26
  England - Manchester, Blackpool, Bradford
last updated 26 September 2016
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Saturday 24 September - Manchester to Blackpool

A new country and another rental. Doh!  There is no manual in this car.  Where is the USB power?

The freeways were effortless and in a little bit over an hour we were in Blackpool before we knew it.  The only interesting thing we saw along the way was at a service station stop where a mini bus full of Mrs Browns Boys got out.
The rest of the drive to Blackpool was pretty uneventful. We had heard some varied comments about Blackpool.  The place was buzzing and very much a seaside family resort by the look of it.   It was something they call Illuminations celebrations where they take absolutely weeks putting up all these lights over the road, on trams and special themed trams and of course on most key sites in the area. We were looking forward to seeing them.

Pictured above, our first glimpse of the main drag with the lights all set up over the road all decked out for "Illuminations".

Spent a lot of the day walking around Blackpool.   Above is our first glimpse of "The Big One" the biggest fastest tallest roller coaster in all of Europe.  But more of that later too after we ride it tomorrow. :-)

Oh oh...we had forgotten that some hotel rooms in England can be rather small.  I am not sure why David is looking so pleased.  .. Well it was a bit of a shock to the system.  It was ... ummmmm.... SMALL.  It didn't even fit our suitcases horizontally.  Never mind dear.  You can get out of the bed on my side.  That door on the left goes to a room that barely fits a toilet and shower. The sink was in the bedroom.

So out we went for the 3km trip up to the tower.   Get a load of the two storey tram.  There are several unique trams that caught our eye.  Our fare didn't include riding on them but they were great to look at.  We caught the normal tram which were not much different to our Melbourne trams.  Something of note - no graffiti and the trams were super clean AND they had conductors that sold and checked tickets. They also helped people in and out of the tram as needed. They all had great attitudes as well and really made taking a tram fun.

Blackpool Tower is a tourist attraction in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, which was opened to the public on 14 May 1894.  It is 518 feet (158 metres) tall and is the 103rd tallest freestanding tower in the world.

The tower is the main landmark of Blackpool.   We rode the lift to the top the 158m tower. The views are wonderful.

and.... there's more.....

and.....Pleasure Beach

The promenade was packed with thousands of tourists.  It was hard to move.

One of the more elaborate forms of transportation is shown below.

Back to the hotel for a sleep.  It was an early start this morning - we had to be at the airport to catch our flight to Manchester at the crack of dawn so it has been a long day. 

After dark which was about 8pm we went to enjoy the illuminations.   Some more wow factor.  It certainly was pretty.

The roller coaster called 'The Big One' was also well alight as well as the about 10 miles of promenade.

The tower particularly looked fabulous at night.  Caught between red and changing to blue here.

Even the special transportation services
were lit for Illuminations. Pictured below is a tram/train.  We had even seen a tram that had been made to look like a boat. 

Can't wait until tomorrow morning, we are off to Pleasure Beach to ride the coasters.

Sunday 25 September - Pleasure Beach Theme Park Blackpool

Following a hearty breakfast to keep us going, we took off to Pleasure Beach to ride the coasters.  We got there just as they were opening.  Perhaps a little early because quite a lot of rides were not starting until 10.30 am.  Pictured below Den enjoying herself on something that moved like a Cha Cha ride crossed with a pirate boat motion and it also spun like a teacup sometimes.

Nickelodeon's Streak was a great ride. Most of the wooden roller coasters were bone rattlers but still fun. Some of them we went on twice.

Something a little low key  - We took some time out ride a little steam train around the park.

Pictured below, one of the three rides that were particular highlights was the Avalanche!  A coaster without tracks!  It came down like a toboggan at high speed.

The blue coaster below was "Infusion".  It was a suspender coaster.  We rode that one three times.

... and the BEST one of all - "The Big One". Now that had WOW factor.  The wind at 218 feet!  Fast, long, high.  It had everything you needed for a great ride.  That first drop was a beauty.  You have to ride it to believe it.

It was a long day of coasters and a few other rides that were pretty tame but fun. There was even Radio PB.  We both had a look at the studio set up and a great chat with the presenter.

This is our only theme park for this holiday.  Our final coaster was a racing coaster red versus green.  We lost.
It was a bit of a bone rattler as well.

The journey continues - Bradford tomorrow and the National Media Museum.  Stay tuned for more.....

Monday 26 September - Blackpool to Bradford

West Yorkshire countryside. Very much a back drop for 'Wuthering Heights'.   Even though this looks rather brown and sparse the terrain varied further along turning green again with rolling hills and interesting old mansions framed in postcard perfect greenery.

Coming into Bradford our destination today.  The motorways are great but we are not really getting a sense of the towns because the motorways are by passing them.

Seeing Bradford is renowned as the City of Film it is appropriate that they have a National Media Museum. However the museum lacked information about radio broadcasting! 

City streets of Bradford.

The Midland Hotel - we are staying here for the night

A pretty impressive looking cathedral just around the corner from the Hotel.

There was lots of fun to be had at the National Media Museum.  It was an extremely interactive place.

Lots of nostalgia.

Remember this?

The Andy Pandy set with Andy Pandy, Ted and Looby Loo. 
Andy Pandy's coming to play tra la la la la la la
Andy Pandy's here today tra la la la la
Hello Andy Pandy......

Here's trouble...... Look outtttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

City Hall opened in 1873  In foreground City Park, a high tech water feature can play 100 water fountains with different effects.  A popular venue for outdoor activities for the town.

The foyer of the Midland Hotel.

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